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Happiness Recipe VS Other Re-ment | by MurderWithMirrors
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Happiness Recipe VS Other Re-ment

CarolineSwing already did a niifty comparison picture here:

But any excuse to make a collage, so I did one too. These are just pieces that caught my eye, the Happiness Recipe pieces are always on the left.

1. Butter-The butter on the right is from Petit Kitchen. At first I thought they used the same mold, but the DIY butter is bigger. I also think the paint job is much better, the silver paint & white interior look more realistic.

2. Thermos-The one on the right is from Is Dinner Ready? and is the clear winner as far as I'm concerned. It's got a better shape, & comes with a top & a cup while the HR one comes with just the top.

3. Chicken Legs-The 2 legs on the right are from Rainbow Deli, but ignore the color because I painted both of them. I think the shape is better for the RD ones, & the underside looks like the cut side of a chicken leg. The HR one is the same all the way around which isn't realistic.

4. Tiramisu-I think this is a toss up. The one on the right is from European Gourmet Tour, & I don't think either one is particularly realistic. The EGT piece is attached to the plate with cocoa powder on it, the HR one is loose. I guess this one is a matter of taste.

5. Salmon-The one on the right is from My Town Market & I think this is another toss up. The HR one is a little more orange, but I think they're both good.

6. Broccoli-The one on the right is from Happy Kitchen, & I like it much better. It's clearly more than one shade of green, the HR one is just solid transparent green plastic. They do look like the same mold though.


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Uploaded on December 10, 2012