Ferrari Enzo Tour de France

  • CarSpotter 6y

  • Richard Wintle PRO 6y

    That is an awesome colour (and a nice photo too - good catch!).

    I really like Ferraris in this or similar kinds of blue - never see them though :(
  • super car 6y

    Very nice,i post this to my blog~~thanks~~
  • Deano's Gallery PRO 6y

    this is the one i have taken pics of!
    stunning car, owned by a guy who also has a red one!
  • Suktron PRO 6y

    Awesome car. Great shot.
  • Marius Svendsen 6y

    what are you doing taking photo of my car huh? =)=)
  • dorinnovac 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called All about Cars, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • mc_illustrator 6y

    Beautiful Photoshot you´ve taken from the Enzo ^_^
    do you have one with a higher Resolution btw. ? can you Post it ?
  • ♦ lee ♦ 6y

    Beautiful car...
  • David Hulme PRO 6y

    Fabulous car...
    ...and so 'right' for shopping!
    : )
  • M. Emin Köklü 6y

    Wow, wonderful color. Never thought I'd like a dark blue Ferrari that much. I think the price blends us all... Great car. I saw in one weekend two different Enzos, but in red.

    I love this city...
  • Jeroen Olthof PRO 6y

    Which Enzos did you see in London?
  • M. Emin Köklü 6y

    Well this:
    (Zoom for License Plate)

    and this:
    (at Hyde Park, but I couldn't take a picture of it)
  • Jeroen Olthof PRO 6y

    Allright, I didn't see both of them but I did see a couple of other Enzos. Never uploaded the photos on Flickr though.
  • Adam Melville 5y

    AMAZING. what a stunning colour for a truly amazing car.
  • Rado . 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Only SuperCars, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Frank van Kampen 5y

    Toch wel de ultieme kleur op een Enzo!
  • FreeLunchPhotos 5y

    It looks so sleek from this angle!
  • PWphotography 4y

  • Petro Brands 4y

    MMmmm ben enige die deze kleur niet mooi vind dan ;-((...
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