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The Face of India

Happy portrait of a devotee waiting patiently in drying up her sari after the holy dip and the rituals at Gangasagar!


Are You Happy?......What Makes You Happy!

Indians are still some of the most happiest bunch of people living on this Earth with all odds including poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure, and so many negative things.


A new poll conducted by global research company Ipsos for What Makes You Happy Magazine has Indians claiming the second position in its 'very happy' list. 43 per cent Indians identifies themselves as ‘very happy’—a key measure that identifies comparative depth and intensity of happiness among country citizens and the world. Perhaps proving that money can't buy happiness, residents of some of the world biggest economic powers, including the United States, Canada and Britain, fell in the middle of the happiness scale. While Hungary, South Korea, Russia, Spain and Italy had the fewest number of happy people. (Ipsos Global Poll 2012)


Gangasagar pilgrimage and fair, held annually, is the second largest congregation of mankind (more than 0.8 million this year) after the holy Kumbha Mela. Gangasagar finds mention in sacred texts and ancient scriptures of Hindu mythology including the two great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.


The river Ganga (Ganges) which originates in the Gangotri glacier in the snow clad high Himalayas, descends down the mountains, reaches the plains, flows through ancient pilgrimage sites, and drains into the Bay of Bengal. A dip in the ocean, where the Ganga meets the sea is considered to be of great religious significance particularly on the Makara Sankranti day (January 14/15), when the sun makes a transition to Capricorn from Sagittarius. Almost a million of Hindu devotees from all over India gather at Gangasagar for a holy dip and perform rituals and prayer (puja) with a belief that it will cleanse and purify their souls.


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Taken on January 10, 2012