Five sided square bowl

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    Unfortunately, there was too much tension in the center for tant paper.

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    1. Jon_Tucker 80 months ago | reply

      Now that's interesting. You didn't hide any paper either, did you? Did you fold this with non-flat paper?

    2. goran konjevod 80 months ago | reply

      Correct: I folded this from a five-sided square.

      First, I made a diagonal cut to the center of an ordinary square, then glued the two edges formed by the cut to two edges of a triangle cut from another sheet. Mostly, you then have to fold in the air, and still the paper wears out. (I did precrease the grid in advance.) I may try with elephanthide some time when I feel stronger, but I thought I'd post the experiment since there was a lot of discussion about it earlier.

    3. Jon_Tucker 80 months ago | reply

      That is cool. Who needs 3D folds when the paper is 3D to begin with? I am interested to see the implications this has for representational origami (the new 5-sided square?).

    4. goran konjevod 80 months ago | reply

      Modulo the variable thickness, the folded five-sided square gives you everything this does, so I expect the only implication is the somewhat easier folding process.

      Now if you made multiple patches and created a seriously non-flat surface---or would it be more appropriate to say a noneuclidean plane? I hesitate to do that because the curvature is changed only at finitely many points---then the benefit might increase...

      Suppose you could make a sheet of paper that had the shape of a half-sphere. How would it be to fold that? For one thing, you couldn't flatten any part of the model...

    5. Jon_Tucker 80 months ago | reply

      It makes steam come out of my ears to try to think of folding paper that is not flat. It is such a different way of thinking than traditional origami. That hemisphere idea sounds cool-maybe you could actually lift the paper on a curved screen to get the shape of the paper, or pour the slurry into a mold of sorts. Now if you want a real brain fryer, think about doing Polly-style curved folding on the hemisphere paper...O.o

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