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Mab Ventures Inc.




MAB Ventures is an arts and entertainment organization founded by Monika Blichar. We are located in Vancouver, British Colombia.


MAB Ventures Inc. provides unique and meaningful arts programming, education in a diverse range of arts mediums, and aims to build solid community connections via group exhibitions and shows throughout the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and internationally. We also offer constantly evolving programs related to visual and creative arts such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, and personal growth and management seminars.


We offer professional and expereinced associates who will service all of your artistic needs. Whether you are in need a painting for your home or office, a forum to display your work, or would like to find a class that sparks your creative genius, our team of motivated, inspirational, and helpful working artists and entrepreneurs would be pleased to assist your with your every artistic venture.


"Those who think the sky is the limit, have a limited imagination."



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