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Marionette Doll

Another shot from the Eat Your Heart Out fashion/stylist shoot.


We went into the back room, the "green room" to try and find inspiration for another shot. We had run out of time, I could hear people packing up in the main hall. This is the exciting moment, can you cram one last image in? Sometimes that's the best one, you think less, you push harder, you live with what you get. Othertimes, it's garbage. Megan still had her doll pose ready to go. I needed to create some mood and tension, the room just smelled that way to me. It resonated a vibe of waiting that echoed off the walls in this small space. This is where people sit and wait to go out and entertain thousands of people. Megan sat in the chair, there was an old cheap thrift store lamp on the other side of the room. We shuffled, the furniture danced, and moments later I had a frame. I no longer saw a doll, I saw a puppet, a Marionette. She was waiting, to become the star, to entertain the masses.


Shot with a Nikon D7000, single Flash SB-800, light bounced off the wall and ceiling.


Although this isn't a "pure photograph" I always tend to go with what the image says to me. If it feels like it's more illustrative then that's what I do in post. I try not to overthink it, I have a concept in mind, and then I run towards the areas that feel most in tune with that for me in the moment. This is the joy of work that is expressive versus commercial. Doing commercial work all day long for over ten years, these small pieces are joy for me.

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Taken on January 27, 2012