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Bull Creek #8 Rainbow Teebox at Sunset | by JamesWatkins
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Bull Creek #8 Rainbow Teebox at Sunset

Better Large-As I stood on the 8th hole/East Course at Bull Creek in Columbus, Ga, I just happened to turn around and look back at the tee box and saw this beautiful rainbow right over the area where I hit my tee shot. Of course, I took it as a sign that I was at the right place at the right time and doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing! This was very late in the evening, about 7PM I think and shortly before this it was misting rain after about a week of 95F and high humidity. The mist was just hovering lightly in the air and barely falling to the ground. I have really never seen anything quite like it. You can see it just to the left of the rainbow if you look closely. This mist and rainbow preceded a much welcomed cool down the next day as highs plummeted to 88F :} ! A lot of strange but wonderful things have happened to me on the golf course! Taken with a DroidX2...nice camera!




Keeping The Colors Of Light I Saw (JHWatkins)


Keeping the colors of light I saw,

Hidden deep in my heart-

Here, chambered in silence they grow-

Where, watered by time they flow,

To places concealed at the start.


Each shade, a life of its own,

Gathering force like the wind,

Bursting with promise

And purpose renewed,

In heavenly dreams they ascend.


Returning to sources of similar schemes,

Gliding down currents of circular themes,

Reveried ideas of wondrous things,

Calling me now to attend.


Revelation perpetually rose,

From comical cracks and poetry prose,

Fractured infighting,

Formidable foes,

Deceived by games they portend.


Up through atmospheres,

Right through the stars,

Backed-down multitudes,

Battered and scarred-

Groaning, condoning,

Conditions bizarre,

Where correctional forces contend.


Keeping the colors of light I saw-

Hidden deep in my heart-

Here, chambered in silence they grow-

Shaping the future with wisdom I know,

In places concealed from the start.


J.H.Watkins 01/10/10


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Taken on August 14, 2011