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In Remembrance-Dad's Backyard Ga bw | by JamesWatkins
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In Remembrance-Dad's Backyard Ga bw

"And the yard went on forever." (Jimmy Webb)


Wanted to take a shot to remember my Mom and Dad's time together. I was at their home for a couple of weeks as Dad passed away. They were married 58 years. My wife and I were called home from Buffalo, Ny and drove down to Ga to see him one more time and got there just in time. He had been dealing with the effects of cancer for a while, but things accelerated when he was given radiation, as his lymph system became useless and his digestive system would not allow him to take food; so in retrospect, in this instance, it would have been better to not have taken radiation.


Dad was the most honest man I have ever met, with a personality that was a cross between John Wayne and Andy Griffith...he could be very tough, but to friends and family was a teddy bear. He played football in college for the Citadel as a freshman, then walked on at Auburn as a soph and earned a scholarship...punting and playing tailback/quarterback for 2 years around 1944 (no face masks) and then graduating from there. My wife was standing over him praying and I was reading the 23rd Psalm as he just stopped breathing and went home in the end. It was an amazing blessing to be there. I am proud to be JHWatkins, Jr. See you again soon Dad.


Leaving (James Watkins)


When I leave,

I want to leave,

Like the sun

Sailing on horizon

When day is done,

Flung out

in ardent array-

Setting in




Last light best-

Gloried in

Colored simplicity-




Resting and waiting

To rise again


Morning-starred destiny





James Watkins 07-24-08




I’ve fallen upward,

Into the lights,

Slipping away from

Darkness and night.


Up through the evening,

Into the clouds,

Faster and faster,

Spinning around…


Celestial highways,

Smoother than sound,

Daylight and darkness,

Turned upside down!


I’ve fallen upward,

Flung from the earth

Leaving the ground

Of original birth…


Kaleidoscope colors,

Circling clowns,

Blended with backgrounds,

Faces and crowds.


Just one step forward,

A turn to the right,

A slight separation,

And I will take flight!


James Watkins 03-09

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Taken on August 16, 2009