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Mist, Fence, and Trees Tyler, Tx

Messent has me rethinking my crops on all my pictures! On this one , I like the original, but I like the crop, too. Thanks Mike my friend.....


Reflections On A Question Not Asked (James Watkins) not hdr


I would not worship nature,


watch the firestorms

of evening Edens

colliding with collars of stars,

bordering the spreading blankets...

flowing......floating on mist.


Here the deep spells

speak to rising heart

of early years... tears...

and beginnings,

failed then


in morning light.


Many the meetings in mirrors,

Reflection souls,

Broken and healed,

That sung out

having heard the cry

Wishing, then wondering-

Then washed by

Calls in the night.


I would not worship nature

But cry at quietest

Whisper of deep dreamy forest

drumming with wooden warmth

lost in caverns,

ascending in autumns,

forsaken in fragments


flames of the glowing day.


These flew upward

and rose

towering in grief,

Spending last hours in the

presence of the rising moon,

roaring like hatred from

doom destined disasters

which waited like the wolves

of wicked years.


Who, after violence came

to gentler portions

and reverences-

Listened to

voice that broke

the chain of fears,

messed up by

Messianic molecules,

riding silver linings,

linked by lizards

and snakes in the grass..

That tore at seasons

then slithered away to

cold corners

waiting for easier prey.


Come softer than nature,

with wounded revelations,

Waves of somber subtle summers,

winters, and springs-

Come straighter than stronger

on strict lines of deft decisions

resting by quietest waters

of heart streams that

have come home to the

fountain of the universe.


James Watkins 12-31-08


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Taken on December 18, 2008