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Vilano Point Moon Fantasy | by JamesWatkins
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Vilano Point Moon Fantasy

nada HDR.....Another moonie! This was a really high ISO shot..but I thought it was nice and wanted to share. I have no idea what I caught here..but it looks interesting. I will say this...that object is moving toward Cape Canaveral...down the exact opposite path of the shuttle launch 3 night previous. This shot is looking down the beach South on the Florida coast from the St. Augustine inlet..Vilano Beach. Beautiful stars..I filled out the moon because it was only 70% full boosted the stars so you can see them better. Thanks for all the feedback.


The Curse Did Not Come Upon Saturn (James Watkins)


The Curse did not come upon Saturn,

Nor cover the planets and stars-

But came to the earth like the lightning

That signals the start of a storm.


It blanketed beautiful valleys

Built in creation’s fire-

Then moved ‘cross the hills

In a torrent-

Which in rapid, recession-retired.


Hating the heart of the future-

Despising all hope and desire-

Erasing eons of dreaming,

With planning and patience conspired.


To bring captivity captive-

To worship a fallen king-

To drain the last drop,

Of life and light-

To crush creativity.


Such serpentine monstrosity,

Will never be wrought again.

Plans will unfold,

But missing their mark,

Will cease to be brought

To an end.


The ignorant souls

Of the dancers-

That danced with the

Sword and the wheel-

And plowed in the fields

Of the broken-

Will never be heard from



Deceivers will flourish

And be no more.

Liars will all pass away.

Death and destruction

Will struggle and strain-

Then fail at the force

Of the flame.


The heavens are still


The stars in their glory

Still sing.

Repeating the strain,

Of original song-

Etched in aged memory.


Clothed in magnificent


Reveling in royal plans.

Revealing from the beginning-

The art of the Master’s hands.


As servants new, now recreate-

Envision inhabited lands.

By suffering tried, have spoken

The word-

And left their trail in the sand.


And passing beyond the physical door-

Now come to a heavenly land.

Where monuments new of faith reside-

And sacred spirits stand.


A city of golden glory-

Where day and night descend-

In the light of the great Creator-

Whose promise will never end.


Time itself will flicker and fade,

The fire of the universe wane-

Providence then will have

the last word.-

And truth once more

Fall like rain.


James Watkins 11-04

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Taken on November 17, 2008