• Sirius-the dog star
  • Orion's Belt
  • Arcturus
  • Channel bouy
  • Alien craft disguised as a shrimp boat.
  • Another bouy--a good bouy-a nice bouy--bouy o bouy
  • Seagull that couldn't sleep.
  • A high flying nose hair...
  • nothing...I just wanted to put another box up
  • Canopus >>>>>>>>to the right out of the picture...I saw it and it is amazing...trust me :}
  • Angels we have heard on high...these are 2 of my guardian angels..Charlie and Fred...they are glad to meet you.
  • Orion's Sword contains the Horsehead Nebula and a huge galaxy cluster
  • bug on camera lens
  • Africa is just south and east of here about 2000 miles...I think I can see Cheetah....that is where these lights are coming from ...actually, the Florida coast heading south sticks waaaay out in the ocean from this point on the beach...It's so far out there, I believe that it's tomorrow today
  • Moonbeams....the man in the moon makes these when he over exposes the moon....they come in all sizes..AND colors. This is why God created PS3 and above...shortly thereafter..He created Neat Image...He knew we would need these things for photography..just after creating Diet Dr. Pepper and anchovies
  • A little known fact
  • If you squint your eyes up real tight and look closely at this...you will probably hurt your eyes
  • The Boxer Group---I just named my own stars....Wow...I think I will rename all of them and create my own star chart..There's Dawn and Donna, Randy, Leida,,,and you
  • The fish think this is a mountain range...bwaaahhhaaaaahhaahahaha
  • light comedy
  • Believe or not...in order to prepare myself for taking this picture, I counted the grains of sand here...but the final number won't fit in this box.
  • My name
  • I have actually met the people who live here..they are twins.
  • Note to Flickr..please make some circle and elliptical comment boxes..these are soooo.....square.
  • I have seen the enemy and it is me.
  • The Quantum of Solace
  • Orion's underwear
  • incredible. - imapepper38
  • :D 'cause I wanted to - Laura Dolly
  • The Point of Know Return - pentachoron
  • My box just ate your box
  • Space.........the final frontier.....
  • the sand has crabs - k9tvs
  • I agree..!! :p quite a perfect shot btw!!! - Manolis Thr
  • Big fish eats little fish...Big, big fish eats big fish.....the cycle continues...
  • While preparing 10,000 other boxes..I did not notice the crabs until it was too late...exxxxxxcellent..
  • Picture of the Night.......famous Broadway rock opera
  • A small cluster on the backside of Orion....:}
  • Loved it....=)
    :Superb Shot....:)
    : - _Asmita_
  • =)
    : - _Asmita_
  • melted in beauty essence birth new universe A_gain :-) - Angel_A777 sky inlove
  • beloved of God - Angel_A777 sky inlove
  • wısh reach there ...know more about wısdom - Angel_A777 sky inlove
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  • You are that light James, that special celestial light. Aloha, Moanalani :) - THROUGH_HAWAIIAN_EYES

Moonshine, Orion Rising on Vilano Beach With Notes

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With No Shuttle, No Rocket Trail, and No HDR home here..........The Moon, Orion, Sirius rising...Canopus (which is as bright as Sirius) just out of picture to the right..there were a lot of very bright stars out last night...on a clear cold (for Florida) evening. I had this same shot 2 nights ago with the shuttle launch.it went right up through the moon from the lower right. Took wonderful pictures...went home to unload...and saw that I had left the Memory out of the Camera. Soooooooooo...just imagine there is a rocket trail with golden blue light going from the bottom right, through the moon to the top left corner..blazing away...isn't it beautiful.......this shot is a reminder of that historical blunder. Filled in moon (it 85% full and highlighted EXISTING STARS.)

FOR THOSE INTERESTED I HAVE AN EXHIBITION AT THIS LINK <a href=" www.flickr.com/groups/inspiringcollection/discuss/7215762...

Words (James Watkins)

There are words above all others-
that fix themselves like stars-
bright beacons in the darkness-
heights hidden in the heart.

They alone take awesome stand--
against the tides of life-
in armed array of power-
an army clothed in might.

Like seeds that fall on watered ground-
form fertile flowing fields-
grown gentle- guides in patience pruned
with perfect plural yields.

Established on foundations strong-
bold buildings built to last-
against the rule of raging time-
eternally recast.

Triumphant- time-transcendent-
translucent, touched and twirled-
the truth unbound and glorious-
runs rampant through the world.

To conquer mountain standing tall
across the pilgrimed path.
And bring to birth the vision small-
the unseen to our grasp.

And leaving doubt behind us-
chaff driven by the wind-
each enemy of hope and faith-
unchallenged to an end.

Now standing hard behind us-
there thronged by secret thralls-
authority and mercy meet-
beyond the cloistered walls.

To loose the power petrified,
by fear’s unyielding grip.
Torn from years of solitude-
this single silent trip.

Bought before on battleground-
beyond the mortal veil-
pursued by death- prevailing -
through ancient rights assailed.

Passed from grave to live again-
new formed the narrow path.
Within the reach of every man-
a gateway firm and fast.

Now brought to bear the tidings glad-
entrenched in solid ground-
in waking realms of glory-
a kingdom newly found.

Where promises now harvested,
join late and early rain-
appearing at the altar bold-
the circumstances plain.

To stand behind each spoken word-
against the darkened lie-
that proudly boasts against us-
before an open sky.

And crushing all resistance-
bring victories large and small-
to every realm of being-
delivered from the fall.

Extending out beyond ourselves
we yield to greater need-
To find that loss, in giving,
Makes every word-a seed.

JHWatkins 7-04

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  1. Love4Art&Men2 31 months ago | reply

    You are so great with words. Stephen Sondheim would love you.

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  4. Caz 71♥ (Off) 27 months ago | reply

    This shot is just wonderful and deserves to be shown here as your skill is so apparent. Thank you for making "Howards Gallery' richer with your photo, as you have made this Gallery truly special with its presence………….Caz (A)

  5. Howard Brodsky 27 months ago | reply

    Great work ...and I truly want to thank you for taking the time to post your beautiful work in"Howard`s Gallery" you honour photography, as well as this gallery.
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  6. corvidaceous 27 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of St. Exupery! Fine shot.

  7. Kevin Wedgworth 27 months ago | reply

    Incredible photograph.

    Thank you for making Howard's Gallery richer with your photo as you have made this Gallery truly special with its presence…………Kevin (moderator)

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    Wow fantastic photo!!

  11. ShutterByMe 18 months ago | reply

    Just saw your photo on Pinterest.....thought I would come over here and comment.....very beautiful image!

  12. irenerc 17 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot and poem!. I added them in The Secret La Revista, a digital magazine
    www.thesecretlarevista.com/en/42/5764/Words.html ... If you don't like it, I'll delete it immediately.... thank you! Irene Roca

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