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September Sunset Davenport | by JamesWatkins
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September Sunset Davenport

If y'all ever get to Davenport, Ca or are passing through like us, stop at the Whale City Cafe and Bakery....You can overlook the Pacific Ocean and casually have a mocha, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a bakery item. My wife and I stop here every time we are nearby and sleep right there in our truck on the beach (it has a sleeper like an RV.) That should be good enough for a free meal Whale City!!! Oh, and the view.....not on the menu...can't order it...but it doesn't cost a thing!!!! You can see a seal, maybe a whale sometimes, and sometimes on a very, very special day....a drunk will walk up to you and ask if you have any spare change. Those are the days you never forget...even if you take a pill, they won't go away. Oh...and so much for colors of the d300 are just too inviting!! I think that is Nikon's biggest achievement with this and the d3 (I will say nice things about you if you will give me a free one). (along with the low light characteristics)


A New Day (James watkins) not hdr


A new day begins-



flying around.


Unseen mists of morning-

open ocean green,

blue spouted spray queens-

darkened emerald dreams.


Violent moodiness of

ancient ocean floors.

Standing silent-


by solid sentinel gray doors.


Open your ears to

hear the ancient song-

we are a breath-

a whisper-

and then gone.


Gray white clouds in

measured morning light,

stretch forth ghostly hands

to distant horizon heights.


Flowing sands,

rich soft pillows rising,

foam waters rolled –

Reflectioned sweet-

blessings stormy,

and daggered deep.


Footpaths fallen-

though carefully called-

lie brooding-


silently enthralled.


Come, full- birthed,

appearing quickly

thing of ancient beauty-

aging stars of light-

bright brilliant singing,

resisting evil night.


Bring your watchers

high and steep-

strong on hidden walls,

soft from winters sleep-


unchained mystic music-

mighty opening keys-

darkened dormant dominions-

breath of living wings.


Blown now by fire,

frenzied furnace hot-

desperate with desire,

of beauty that is not.


Frozen mountain stars-

regal, reigning,

galaxies unfurled.

Swirling, dancing destinies-

on anxious alien worlds.


Future hope through

eyes that can not see-

guarded pathways of

mundaned revelry.


Massive mountain darkness,

night mystery and pearl,

deadly wicked wonders,

no heavenly theme



Dying dreams-

sprung to life-

soon escaped

from winters white.


Ephemeral future-

celestially veiled,

tossed and lifeless,

embattled and assailed.


Come forth now,

by seasons force,

to plans of old-

now lend your voice.


Creation sounds,

that groan and sway,

walking free forever-

with joy,

for one more,




James watkins 4/04

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Taken on September 3, 2008