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Washington DC Mall

Note to America (An Angelic Prospectus) {James Watkins}


He’s listened to you long enough,

Let you have your say-

Hunkered down in dreary towns,

Free-falling in the fray.


Some things don’t matter any more-

It’s plain enough to see,

Some things are very simple,

They happen….naturally.


Independence indigence,


Spiritual insanity,

Delusion on the throne.


Continental congress,

Covenant complete-

Freedom found

From captive crown,

Taxation by defeat.


Won in war by warrior

Bowed behind the scene,

Governmental grannies

Gassed and running lean.


Sequential celebration

Leaning to the right,

Took the town

To middle ground

Then sweetened up the fight.


Promise within promises,

Permanence in peace,

Stolen blind

By kindred minds

In national retreat.


God is gone,

Like Gustov’s ghost

On graduated ground-

Ridden rampant on a rail,

Run right out of town.


Religion’s rotting refuse,

Educated zeal,

Baby and bathwater,

Thrown out

By window seal.


Agreement by convenience,

The triad is complete-

The church, the crown,

The golden ground,

Professionals at least.


Garish, gloating, gatherings,

Temperamental tasks-

Tarnished targets

Tempting time with

Brutal baby blasts.


Fallen fronts,

Forensic flash,

Fine and faker fast-

Foul and festering

Filthy freight,

Fleeing from the past.


Happy hoppy horn toad,

Captain of the world-

No feral fear,

Calm crystal queer-

Call every boy and girl.


Mother’s mayhem

Adam’s aunt,

Gone completely mad-


Tricked-up trousers

Tenderized a tad.


Evening ever-afters,

Happy once again-

Haunted house,

Forget the mouse,


The men are dead.


Lovely Lucys laughing,

Controlling interest lair,

The lion is dead,

So go to bed-

Don’t bother with the bear.


Fashion fledgling,

Faded farce,

Fractured flaky foe-

Disneyed duckling

Drawn and daft,

Domesticated woe.


Fricasseed and

Freezer freed,

Stolen by the mole-


The gourmet ran

Grimly to the goal.


Down and distance


Don’t do the

Dirty Dan.

Playmate pawns

Now petrified,

Passed on by

Peter Pan.



Wicked wonders-

Empty and petite-

Cover blown,

Refused by phone-

Destined for defeat.


Sayonara Sonya-

Cronkite caught a cold-

While Willy Wonka

Whacked a weed,

Then headed down

The road.


Christ like crucifixions,

Criminal and crass,

Crippled captains

Carcassed cold,

Middle-eastern mass.


Choose to tremble,

Choose to cheat,

Choose whom you will serve-

Choose to conquer,

Or..Choose defeat-

The quintessential blurb.


Honing hackers

Headed home,

Hackensackin fools,

Round and round

To tumble down-

With detrimental tools.


Hemispheric hovering-

Contract incomplete-

Pioneered truth

By blazered brute,

Confused by

Quiet elite.


It’s given best,

To those who rest,

In reverential form.

With wealth well cast

To traveler who’s sheltered

From the storm.


Retreat is not an option-

At long last life is spent-

Though living in

And impact zone

Is hardly worth the rent.


Revolution ready-

Armed and graveled green-

No average addled army,

To slay this brazen queen.


Unseen worded Warrior-

Wondrous to behold-

Breastplate bronzed

And burnished-

Countenance so bold.


Dispatched in dog-ged duty,

Determined and complete-

To fight with fire and fury,

Till victory’s at his feet!


James Watkins 10-05


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Taken on January 1, 2008