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Arches NP Sundown

Hurrying Out of the Park..thought I had missed opportunity for this shot, but tried long exposure and it worked.


mrsierra...wonderful stream you have...I encourage everyone here to take a look at some wonderful landscapes..especially of the Western US!! I find myself saving all to favorites.


Not HDR Best Viewed Large


Another Raw Rescue..This is another picture that I was able to pull out of the dark because it was shot in raw. Some are even coming out better because they are more saturated and they are evening shots you need some shadows/dark. Again, I am amazed at how much information Raw keeps if you dig down and get it. This foreground was very, very dark..but retained detail and colors.


Mountains (James Watkins)


mountains grand and gazing-

pillars standing tall-

piercing passioned histories-

hidden in their walls.


delving downward distances-

caverns large and small-

mutant molten metal steams-

fused before the fall.


decant demon-ed destinies-

cooling chasmed halls-

dinosaurs and diamond doors

in massive mirrored malls.


heavy, heaving voices

in paradisian sprawl-

fiery fumes of purity-

creation’s curtain call.


subatomic saturation,

soiled, synthetic signs.

righteous restoration

of prehistoric crimes.




waning, wasted pearl-

forethought, full and fragile-

foundation of the world.


hidden in the language

of nature’s cresting yore-

cracked beneath

the stress and strain-

crumbling at the core.


tiny tidbits torn and tumbling-

wiggling in the storm-

recipes and remedies-

chemically reborn.


thickened soups and swirling haze-


clashing reams of violent schemes-

valleys ripped and torn.


balance within balances,

scrambled eggs at last-

gushing geysered marbled mud

borne before the blast.


consciences of scientists,

syncopated scuds-

bothered by the missing mass-

baffled by the blood.


leaping lemon lizards-

the barn is nearly full-

the hay is neatly in a stack-

this baby’s come full term!


common commonalities,

full circle’s come at last.

see the story in the hills-

yield before your past.


something’s broken,

something’s missing,

something’s come and gone-

something’s at the doorway-

someone’s on the phone.


someone’s at the table-

someone’s on the floor-

someone’s grass

is full of gas-

classical-and more!


rhyming with the timing,

balancing the board-

signals of a sequenced strike,

calm before the storm.


mysteries are meaningful,

when looking at the past.

the scene is somewhat circular,

when stage is come to last.


weakened, muzzled monkeys,

dance before your lord.

the gift of grace is growing cold

squirming on sword.


commentaried cavemen,

come into the fold.

your ears can hear-

your eyes can see-

so come in from the cold.


and listen with some latitude-

to knowledge held in store.

fashioned in the faceless stone

of ancient ocean floor.


squeezed in myriad molecule,

the battle rages on-

raving reverence in reverse

its relevance reformed.


and bow before the evidence-

the courtroom is restored,

through judgment passed,

the script is cast,

in elementary score.


rain fire, you veined volcanoes-

your statement’s on the floor-

and advertise what you surmise-

from secret silent store.


you’ve waltzed in dazzled wonderment-

and touched your maker’s hand,

in timeless thought-

before the fault-

and listened to the plan.


to bring all things to unity-

from eons vile and vast-

to bless-ed end

the future bends,

with glory



James Watkins May 2005


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Taken on December 2, 2007