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August Moonrise Ormond Beach | by JamesWatkins
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August Moonrise Ormond Beach

The light in the background is not the is rising on the ocean to the east and left in the picture!! So the picture is actually framed in the moonlight. But the background light seen all the way down the beach sure does look like the moon rising...and if I didn't tell you, you probably wouldn't know it!! It's funny how a photograph can play tricks on your eyes.


oceans are dreams (james watkins)


Oceans are dreams, that rise and fall

beyond the conscious mind.

Vast volumed vaults transitioning-

rolling ridges ranging high.


Joined with all creation dance,

like liquid living beings-

quiet, dark depths of passion fire-

eternally careening.


Held in viscous vision,

caught between the separate worlds-

all heaven and earthy creature-

floating figured forms unfurled.


Ghosts-aglow and gaping-

gathered gremlins, timeless trails-

beyond all thought or reason-

hidden highways, watery veils.


Desperate, driven, hungry hunters-

casual commerce-bloody blades.

Liquid-larcened fathoms fallen,

fevered fits in cavalcade.


Contrasts, calm and constant-

consumation, cold desire-

carefully crushed by eons,

in vile volcanic fire.


Down some corridor they creep-

until in rest revealed-

unto the doubting dreamers-

caustic children, filled with fear.


Decisioned paths of plans performed,

adrift in thoughtless themes.

Gathered golden wisdom,

wrapped in scientific schemes.


Predetermined, parliamentary,

railing posted parts prevail-

racked with frail-formed falsities

in fictional detail.


Loving lost the guide unseen

that rules the changeless world-

and brings us back to view the sea

in vision's vacuumed swirl.


Childlike faith-vast beauty breathed,

an author, bold and bare-

for silence sake, stark stepping stones-

it's wealth unfolding fair.


Troll the tame and turning tide,

that flows in measured ebb.

Rolled rhythmic rows of constancy

in concentrated web.


Held hot the hidden history,

revealing holy fare-

formed fellowships and mysteries-

plain patterns painted there.


To see the unseen signature-

to touch the untouched realm-

to gaze at guardian glory...


by Starred..




James watkins (April 2004)


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Taken on August 29, 2007