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Juries could have saved Christ!


Jury Duty today was a whole lot of waiting. After waiting in a big room from 8am to Noon, I was called into a smaller room with 21 other people. It was like a group doctors appointment. Then we were given numbers (I was number 5--haha), and dismissed for lunch until 2pm.


When we came back, I was questioned by both lawyers. The case was between a man who was hit trying to enter the LIE and another man who claimed not to be present at the time of the accident. After the questioning, I was dismissed back into the big room until 4pm, when we were released.


The highlight of the day was a video during the orientation. In the video, I learned that juries originated in Greece with Aristotle. Romans came into power and threw out jury trials, settling instead for rule of law and judges. THEN they cut to Jesus, wearing the crown of thorns, bring led out of a Roman court. I believe this juxtaposition is meant to suggest that if Rome had juries, the would have exonerated Jesus.


Translation--Juries could have saved Christ!

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Taken on February 5, 2010