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Yuanyang Rice Terraces - China’s Perfect Palette 云南元阳梯田 - 中国的绝美调色板

Carved out from the rolling hills over generations by Hani minority, Yuanyang Titian (Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields, 元阳梯田) are one of Yunnan’s most spectacular sights and a popular destination among photographers. Picture hilltop village, the only things visible above rolling fog and cloud banks; an artist’s palette of colors at sunrise and sunset; spirit-recharging treks through centuries-old rice covered hills, with a few water buffalo eyeing you contentedly nearby.


Yuanyang, about 300km south of Kunming in Yunnan Province, is actually split into two: Nansha (南沙), the new town and Xinjie (新街), the old town an hour’s bus ride up a nearby hill. Xinjie is the one you want, so make sure you get off there. Xinjie is populated largely by traditionally dressed Hani, who wear embroidered trousers, tunics and embroidered squares of cloth wrapped around their back.


Yuanyang Terraced rice paddies are particularly resplendent at sunrise and sunset and from November to April when they are full of water. Duoyishu (多依树), about 25km from Xinjie, has the most spectacular sunrises and is the one you should not miss. For sunsets, Bada (坝达) and Laohuzui (meaning ‘tiger mouth’in Chinese, 老虎嘴) can be mesmerizing.


云南元阳梯田 - 中国的绝美调色板


云南省元阳县地处海拔2500米的哀牢山区,平地极少,世代居住着哈尼族为主的山地居民。2500年前,哈尼族的祖先 从西藏高原来到云南南部这个边陲山区,初来乍到就遇到了一大难题:周围的崎岖山地根本不适宜种植。哈尼族人凭借智慧和辛勤的劳动,因地制宜,坡缓地大则开垦大田,坡陡地小则开垦小田,甚至沟边坎下石隙也开田,把哀牢山这一带的山区变成了一幅幅“艺术品”,创造出以多依树、勐品等为代表的世界闻名的元阳梯田。





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Taken on February 6, 2011