A collage illustration for a scene from "Hummingbird", a story by my friend, Blonditude.

I like the work in progress "Hummingbird"


written under the name, Blonditude by my long-time friend, Anita Sinclair.


I took a quick stab at illustrating this passage in the opening scene:


"She leaned back and pulled a cigarette out of her flat leather

pocketbook. I remembered my manners and flicked open my lighter. Mrs.

Wade took a deep drag and blew smoke out her nose, reminding me of a

long-necked dragon with bright red hair."


I don't know if I will play around with illustration much, but I

wanted to see if my collage techniques could make worthwhile mashups.

What I found was that it might be easier to just draw the scene

free-hand, but I'm quite out of practice at that - I might wait for

when I can make a daily practice of that (in other words, when I


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Uploaded on August 21, 2009