Eve Online Learning Curve

Graphical depiction of the Eve Online learning curve (with stickmen!)

  • Atriace 7y

    I went looking for more. That was hilarious.
  • Dustin D'Amour PRO 7y

    That was true, but since Quantum Rise it has improved on the curve.
  • Opiboble Inte 7y

    ya less overhang... more like a wall.

    The hardest part is being in a noob corp... I suggest just jumping right out and joining a mid size player corp to ehlp you learn.
  • Pixel Fantasy 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Totally Boss!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • skelspics 6y

    The longer I play this game, the more i realize that I know nothing about this game.
  • Dustin D'Amour PRO 6y

    Yeah, it doesn't seem to have a normal story arc like the other MMORPGs.
  • Opiboble Inte 6y

    I have played for 3.5 years and everytime I think I know something I am wrong. That is the joy of the game, you can have some one come up to you who has been playing for 8 months and tell you something you NEVER knew!!!

    Or the new guys that are only 2-3 months old luck up and rape your cruiser and you had a full T2 fit and you just go "WHaaa???"

    I dont think I will ever be able to stop playing EVE...
  • Dustin D'Amour PRO 6y

    This would be an awesome T-Shirt / Hoodie.

    Opiboble Inte: That is so true on the new players. What makes EVE so much fun is its massive universe. Especially now that Wormholes are apart of the gameplay. Which of course makes this Graphical depiction so much more true.
  • Maldraek 6y

    I've been playing for four days, and this made me laugh until I wept...
  • kesty 6y

    thats the way it is:) I play this for more than a year now and this curve is right =D
  • Sailith 5y

    Opiboble the best part is at one time i recruited you and i was a young flippen pilot back then i still have you on my list and never say hi, idk why it was always fun flying with you will never forget that pod kill with your thantos.. you really wantted a km
  • Dustin D'Amour PRO 4y

    CCP has used this in one of their latest Dev Blogs. Unfortunately they didn't give you credit in the blog. www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=874
  • William Kipp 4y

  • Steve 4y

    lol, funny but true!
  • C4G 4y


    Tried it once, after the trial, never came back. Horrible MMO IMHO. The concept was attractive, but once in the game...couldn't figure out left from right or up from down. I was completely lost. Not N00b friendly at all.
  • jed_knight 4y

    Why is no one noticing that the learning curve has the axes backwards (no, it is not axises)?? It shows the skill shooting up instantly and even increasing as you think back in time (time is accruing across the bottom). Even my 15 year old son noticed.... It indicates that it is very easy to learn then your skills go flat.....
  • N.R. 4y

    jed_knight what are you smoking? graph reads perfectly fine. your skills increase with time until they have nowhere to increase, then they stay at same level.
  • jimbo1693 4y

    The game is INSANELY complex. Just when you get a handle on one aspect, you learn about 3 more you had absolutely no idea about up until then, from people who talk in weird codes, throw statistics and mathematical formulas back and forth, and basically argue about "the pros and cons of squadubblifying the flexuibbligums with your anterior whamaloongojohns" And you find yourself sometimes just sitting there for hours on end, flabbergasted, just listening in, trying to figure out what the f*ck any of that means(?!)at the same time scouring the internet for an EVE manual that wasn't written in classical Minmatar!!! (ok so the manuals aren't THAT bad, but still, I have never played a game before where you actually had to put in so many hours of study just to be a Newb FIRST Class lol)
  • Gaelmin 3y

    jed_knight Actually Jed, its Axis, not Axises, you're terrible.
  • Faison138 3y

    This pic is so true. I show it to all new players. But trust me once you get past the first few weeks the game is well worth it. Besides an MMO you can pay for with in-game money? Can't get better than that
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Uploaded on March 15, 2008

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