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minnesota fort snelling cannon shot | by Dan Anderson.
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minnesota fort snelling cannon shot

minnesota fort snelling cannon shot


Blasting the cannon at Historic Fort Snelling in St. Paul, Minnesota - kaboom'ski !!


More than you probably want to know:

Fort Snelling is a fully restored military fort on the bluffs overlooking the intersection of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers in Saint Paul, MN. It's operated by the Minnesota Historical Society as a living museum with people in period costumes interpreting what life was like back in the day.


Fort Snelling was completed in 1825 and was the northern most outpost of the USA. It protected fur trading routes and was the first official building in the territory that became Minnesota in 1858. This place is chuck-full of history and is kind of the 'birth place' of Minnesota housing the first school, first hospital, fist post office, etc - way too many things to fully list, but here's a couple I thought were interesting:


* Zachary Taylor, who became our 12th President in 1849, was commander of Fort Snelling for two years starting in 1828. He later wrote in his diary that the region was "a most miserable & uninteresting country" (what a wussy).


* Dred Scott was a slave owned by a doctor at Fort Snelling. Dred was able to save up money but was not allowed to purchase his own freedom. A group of abolitionist legal advisers took his case to the US Supreme Court that ruled in 1857 that slaves are property and have no human rights - that appalling ruling strengthened slavery opposition and helped usher in the American Civil War.


* In May of 1876, General George A. Custer used Fort Snelling as the planning and kickoff point for his ill-fated expedition against the Sioux (Lakota) that ended in his massive 'Last Stand' defeat on the Little Big Horn river some 800 miles to the West in Montana.


Along with all this cool American expansionist history you also learn that the native peoples like Dakota and Ojibwe, who's way of life had changed very little for over 2,000 years, sadly gets all but erased in one generation after the building of this Fort.


Historic Fort Snelling - cannon blasts off at 1:00 & 4:00pm.

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Taken on June 20, 2011