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more "stuff being thrown at my head" moments.

among other things, today included water raining down into our apartment through the pantry and the kitchen light fixtures from the upstairs apartment. turns out a small plastic piece around the water pipe leading into their toilet had broken, letting water just keep on coming through. to our apartment. they weren't home when it happened.


monday cons: spent an hour mopping toilet water from our kitchen floor and counters.

monday pros: it wasn't sewage water.

happy day off to those who had it!

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  1. robinsonpy 32 months ago | reply

    Muy buena Foto... EXELENTE..!!!

  2. NewKidzOTB 32 months ago | reply

    Great stuff!

  3. Lila Limited 32 months ago | reply

    um wow
    apparently we REALLY like seeing you hit in the face
    like really really reallyreally

  4. ant-o-rama 32 months ago | reply

    You're a book in the making girl :)

  5. Beth Radons 32 months ago | reply

    there are so many things i love about this photo! the glasses, the position of the hands, and the way you can read the front of the book perfectly. great shot! i just hope it didn't hurt too much.

  6. Lady D✩ 31 months ago | reply

    Saw this picture on Reddit, and I was like, "That looks like Kaija."

    Lo and behold, IT WAS!

  7. kleine_moewe 31 months ago | reply

    on reddit? lolz—too bad it's not spelled "read-it!"

  8. Jana Gracia Vila 31 months ago | reply

    jajajjajaj.. es molt bonaaa:)

  9. Andrew Speight // speightphoto.com 31 months ago | reply

    i was beaten to the punch, but i just saw this on imgur and knew i had seen it already on flickr!
    it has close to 130,000 views on there, by the way. pretty crazy
    still enjoying this shot by the way, so creative!

  10. kleine_moewe 31 months ago | reply

    really? i would be super intrigued to see the link to that. i'd never heard of imgur before...

  11. Khrisinda 31 months ago | reply

    LMAO!! These pics are my favorite! Book in the eye is not my favorite LOL OUCH!

  12. ChrisL.... 27 months ago | reply

    Kaija, image was in yesterday's gallery on Imgur [imgur.com/gallery/ooMIj]. Over half million views now. I think this makes you internet famous or something....

  13. setlasmon 27 months ago | reply

    kaija is street smart! internet famous! and hood rich! what whaaaat! :D

  14. kleine_moewe 27 months ago | reply

    i know! it's unreal!

  15. Paterson_Photography 17 months ago | reply

    really funny, great jobs ;)

  16. Übermummy 15 months ago | reply

    Such a wonderful moment in flickr history.
    When do we get to see you being hit with more stuff missy?????
    I miss it. And the hair flips and eye bulb shots....

  17. Robby Virus 6 weeks ago | reply

    These photos are brilliant!

  18. The_shoeshine_man 5 weeks ago | reply

    Thats NOT how you use facebook!

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