Susan & Nadine Weeks 39-52!
So, we made it. One year! It's been a roller coaster but here we are. Thank you for all your support!

The girls are doing well. Susan is essentially walking (taking 5-6 steps at a time). Nadine is still tiptoeing around the table and along the couch, but will soon be there. Still no spoken words as far as we can understand, but they know several signs and certainly understand many words and situations (bye-bye, good night, window, dog, shower, outside, football:)

They are usually happy - as are we - except when they have colds :(

Teeth are slow to arrive, but they are eating just fine without them.

At the recent one year check-up:

21# 9oz

24# 2oz

Susan is in the 99th percentile for height and Nadine is almost 2 inches taller than her, if that tells you anything:)

Anyway, we love them and you!
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