Nadine & Susan weeks 15 - 18!
Ok. I almost lost count of the weeks.

So, here we are, just past 4 months. The girls are gaining strength, babbling, drooling, ever attentive, and even snuggly:)

Oh, and growing.

They had their 4 month check-up on 3/4/11, and they wowed the docs. Nadine was 15#15oz and Susan 13#8oz. They both have added 6" to their length - Nadine @ 26" and Susan @ 25". Susan was under the 5th percentile in weight at birth - she's now 80th. Nadine is 99th percentile in length, busting out of her 3 month clothes and fitting snugly in her 6 month ones.

So, the race begins.

Anyhow. My dad visited this month. We spent some time with family friends in New Hampshire. I turned 35 and Dorothee and I turned 6 :)

Love to you all.
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