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April 4th, 2009

Wow, I made out like a bandit at Goodwill today!!


I found the cute red sandals for just five bucks. They're very comfy :)


I collect Jan Brett's books and I've never seen this one before! All mine for just one dollar :)


But BEST of all, I scored "Faeries!!!!!" I have wanted this book for YEARS and years! It's by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. I've never even see this one in book stores! It was on a bottom shelf of kids books in Goodwill stuck between a Teletubbies book and a Clifford book :)

Oh goodness, the illustrations are so incredible! I think this is a first edition although it's not in prime condition or anything (like I care! haha!) But there are no missing pages, no stains or rips or even creases on the pages! It's as though it's not been read very much at all! The covers have some age spots but that's about it! Amazing :)

It came out in 1978. As with all thrift store stuff it was of course previously owned and in the front of this book someone wrote an inscription:

"For my wonderful husband, on his birthday. Love to you, now and always, your Gypsy Baby. xo

April 1982"


Well, Gypsy Baby, I'm not sure why this book is no longer in the possession of your wonderful husband but this book is MINE, now and always, and for only $2.99!!!


Thanks, Gypsy Baby!!!

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Taken on April 4, 2009