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Project 366 #289: 151016 Bearing South | by comedy_nose
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Project 366 #289: 151016 Bearing South

A good lump of my day today was spent working on my car with my old man.


I was noticing that I was getting some fairly unpleasant noises from the end of my engine and they were getting a bit too prevalent to ignore.


I assumed a bad idler pulley or tensioner, but it turned out to be the water pump.


This is a really cheap part, but a bugger to change as you need to remove the timing belt. You don't remove the timing belt without changing it, and so I needed one of those as well even though the current one was barely a year old.


Still, the consequences of it letting go are ghastly. The crankshaft keeps going and the camshaft doesn't, resulting in the tops of the pistons smashing into the valves in the cylinder head and bending them all.


Still, the job is done. While I was there I also managed to change the oil on the bike, make an adjustment or two and start some diagnosis on the starter motor.


For what it's worth the fault on the water pump was the main bearing on which this plastic impeller spins. It was grinding and seizing which was dragging along the timing belt. It needed fixing.

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Taken on October 15, 2016