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The Befrienders | by Oky - Space Ranger
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The Befrienders

When a really mean boy called Loki threatens to destroy Heartlake City, the girls reveal that they are superheroes and race out of Olivia Stark's tree house to save the day! They call themselves the Befrienders and fight evil with the power of friendship! The members of this team are:


Olivia Stark the Iron Girl - Known as a brilliant Inventor and a master of science and robotics, Olivia built herself a virtually indestructible outfit which allows her to fly and shoot beams from her hands and chest. What makes it unique is that it is powered by that powerful thing in her heart - Friendship!


Stephanie the Goddess of Thunder - Stephanie is of Nordic descend and has god-like powers. With her hammer Meow-mir she can fly and control thunder!


Emma Banner the Pink Hulk - Emma is known to be rather moody sometimes, and after a fateful day where she fell asleep in the tanning salon and was exposed to an incredible amount of UV rays, she now turns into a big pink monster whenever she is angry! With her big, strong arms, she loves to give big, friendly hugs to her enemies, which defeats the evilness inside of them! But even as a big pink rage monster, she is still very conscious about fashion. Note that she is wearing purple pants which are very "in" this season.


Mia Romanoff the Pink Widow - Being an animal lover, Mia chose a spider as her superhero motif. She used to be a Russian spy and skilled with all kinds of weapons and fighting styles.


Andrea Rogers a.k.a. Miss America - The result of a government experiment, Andrea is a super soldier with an unbreakable, fabulous looking shield. She always wanted to be an American idol, so she calls herself Miss America. On her Befriending Cycle, she leads the Befrienders into battle.


One of my entries for the Summer of Friends contest.

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Taken on August 31, 2012