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Nighthawk Ambush | by Oky - Space Ranger
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Nighthawk Ambush

Hank Nightingale was an ordinary man living a good life in Gotham City until one fateful night. He was working inside a Wayne Industries warehouse when suddenly Batman and the Joker crashed through the window, fighting. Hank watched them fight each other throughout the warehouse until one of them accidentally set off a huge explosion. The Joker and Batman were unharmed, but Hank was injured very badly. Batman saved him from the burning warehouse, but he didn't know that since he was unconscious. When he woke up later in the hospital, he found out in horror that he was now blind! Apparently the explosion was so bright that it blinded him permanently. He lost his job since he couldn't perform it anymore, and his life went down the hill from there. It was then that he swore revenge against Batman for taking his eye-sight. Billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne felt responsible for Nightingale's loss since the accident happened in one of his warehouses (and because it was him who caused it), so he generously offered him a job at Wayne Tech where he could help develop technological aids for handicapped people like him. Hank accepted the offer, and soon he developed a helmet with built-in hi-tech cameras which hooks up to the wearer's brain and gives them incredible vision. But instead of using it to help people, he decided to use it to get his revenge on Batman, whose image has been burnt into his mind and has been haunting him as it is the last thing he saw before he went blind. Once the first prototype was completed, Hank stole it, along with a winged jetpack. Once the first prototype was completed, Hank stole it, along with a winged jetpack. He designed a costume for himself that resembles a hawk since hawks are one of the bat's natural enemies. He now goes by the name Nighthawk and commits various crimes in order to get Batman's attention. In addition to his razor-sharp wings and vision, he also has sharp claws, much like his namesake. Also, his helmet can emit an ear-shattering shriek which renders his prey disoriented long enough for him to strike. These along with his ability to fly very fast and quietly, and his burning hatred for the Batman make him a very formidable foe!


Here you can see him ambushing Batman while he oversees a money transfer to the Gotham City Bank.


This is my entry for the villain category of the Batman Minifig Customization Contest on Eurobricks.

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Taken on June 11, 2012