Linton Kwesi Johnson

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    Well now what do you say about this man. Simply the coolest man you are ever likely to meet.
    This is the second time i have met him and seen him perform. The way he plays with words and adds his own onamatapae is a joy. Quite simply the best spoken word artist i have ever seen. His poems sound like songs and you find yourself swaying listening to him. It's no wonder that he was only the 2nd ever living poet to be put on the Penguin Classics list.
    Homespun hit the decks afterwards and they were pretty nifty too.....i have never heard a reggae version of "Staying Alive" before and it is so so wrong on so many levels but it worked brilliantly.
    Great night was had by all.
    The thing of note in this portrait is that i used flash and i'm coming around to the idea of using it a little more, i'll be trying it out later on with Billy Childish

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    1. 74 months ago | reply

      Nice portrait. Great poet.

    2. transvox 74 months ago | reply

      Fine portrait of a fine man.

    3. kh-photos ~ Kurt ~ 74 months ago | reply

      Very nice portrait. The flash adds just a little more pop.

    4. Southcoasting 74 months ago | reply

      Fab portrait. And you're meeting Billy Childish too! One of my heroes. Give him some love from me (no doubt he'll spit back in your face, but hey, he's older and maybe he's mellowing...)

    5. Steven Hight 74 months ago | reply

      I love LKJ's music/poetry, "Makin' History" is a classic. I remember him being in a lot of trouble with the U.K. government back in the 1980's because of his outspoken views. What an incredibly dignified portrait you've made John, one of your best.

    6. Moochin Photoman 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone...i think the flash will be used more often now as it adds a lil more to the overaall look i just gotta to get over my aversion to using it.
      Southcoasting Billy was a gent and very interested in the overall technique, as an artist himself he totally got it and was more than happy to pose. Cool Cool guy.
      Steven it might have been his song "Inglan is a bitch" which was got him into's a classic.

    7. neonlike 74 months ago | reply

      Fantastic portrait! I would love to hear him after reading your description.

    8. JKönig 74 months ago | reply

      your portraits are so damn killer. seriously.

    9. paddygal2009 74 months ago | reply

      This has such dignity and catches a personality. Are you using a flash attachment as opposed to a built in flash?

    10. Loulou H 74 months ago | reply

      this is excellent - it captures his personality perfectly!

    11. Moochin Photoman 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks again everyone, it would be hard not to get a decent photo of this dapper and very cool man.
      Paddygal.....the flash is on the camera and bounced up off the ceiling

    12. marti mann 74 months ago | reply

      May be a definitive portrait here...

    13. (deaf mute) 74 months ago | reply

      I was wondering about how you'd do flash with your TtV kit. I thought you'd need an external flash and an extra hand.
      Did I tell you how I got on with my Ful-Vue? I broke it within 5 minutes of its arrival. :(
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    14. Davy Ellis 74 months ago | reply

      Great portrait

    15. Moochin Photoman 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks Marti, we shall see :-)
      Arty ya hamfisted so and so!!
      Cheers Davy

    16. onkel_wart (thomas lieser) 69 months ago | reply

      if you haven't voted yet in 500x500 Portraits 4 -- please do so now

    17. designwallah 61 months ago | reply

      Wonderful portrait - listening to him right now.

    18. fraser donachie 43 months ago | reply

      ... wonderful dude and photograph - Poet & The Roots - best album ever! ...

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