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Night Photography Tri-Pods Only | by Jamil-Kareem Exposures
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Night Photography Tri-Pods Only

I see many tourist come through New Orleans with there expensive DSLR cameras, and they always want to shoot at night the many beautiful locations that New Orleans has to offer. However, many people always come up short because they use either a fast Film Speed and/or flash. The secret as most of you may know is first a Trp-Pod, Slow film speed (ISO 100 or lower) and a long expsosure.


This shot was taken with

1)Manfrotto Tri-Pod

2) F/16 for DOF [wide apertures are a mistake as they can increase your chance of flare]

3)A clean lens free of dust (Most important)

4)Long exposure as I used 30 seconds (You want to bath you film or CCD in as much light stopping down on you aperture as much as possible.

5)Always Keep your EV value at 0

6) Manual Focus- Spend about five minutes looking at your seen or subject through your lens, allow time for you eyes to adjust. Then get the sharpest focus you can produce manually.

7_Manual Exposure- Dont depend on Aperture or shutter priorities, true pros shot with manual exposure. Also Use your spot meter feature when shooting night.



The recipe above should produce the results that I have achieved above everytime.


A good book to read on Night Photography:

"The Complete Guide to Night and Low Light Photography" by Lee Frost

ISBN 0-8174-5041-6

Pick it up at any borders or Barnes & Noble


Happy Shooting


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Taken on May 8, 2008