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What Causes Cancer? | by cancerdotsc
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What Causes Cancer?

The causes of cancer differ based on the type of cancer. On a basic level, all cancers are caused by changes in the DNA of cells. There are a wide verity of things that can trigger these changes.


Chemical Carcinogens


Some chemicals can trigger changes in the DNA of your cells and lead to cancer. One of the most well know is smoking’s association with Lung Cancer. 90% of all cancer death are linked to smoking. Please see our Cancer Prevention Page for tips on limiting your espouser to carcinogens.


Joquenta, Cancer Patient



Many people know of the link between the atomic bomb and leukemia, but few people realize that the sun also releases radiation. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and tanning beds is the number one cause of Skin Cancer. Always wear sun screen of SPF 15 or higher when you will be outside for extended periods of time.


Infectious Disease


15% of all cancers are caused by infectious disease. Hepatitis has been linked with liver cancer, and the human papilloma virus has been linked to 70% of all cases of cervical cancer. HIV also has been link to several types of cancer. There have been recent strides in vaccinations to prevent certain types of infectious diseases. Talk to your doctor about how you can prevent infectious disease.


Hormonal Imbalances


Some hormonal imbalances stimulate excessive cell growth. Hormonal imbalances have been linked to endometrial cancer.


Breast Cancer Fund-Run



Most forms of cancer are not pasted down threw heredity, but there are a few genes that have been linked to specific types of cancer. Some of the most well know examples of cancers that can be inherited are:


* Breast Cancer

* Ovarian Cancer

* Osteosarcoma

* Soft Tissue Sarcoma

* Brain Tumors

* Colon Cancer

* Gastric Cancer

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Taken on February 12, 2008