Ten Mile Road Race 2011
Fire Fighters Ten Mile Road Race.
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
23 May 2011.

First time photographing a race. I didn't find I had as much control over the quality of the end results as I wanted - it was a bit hit and miss. The subjects just wouldn't stay still. Lots of pics and not enough time to edit so they're posted just as taken - raw. A few were cropped. I normally wouldn't post anything I wasn't technically content with but for the sake of the subjects wanting to see pics of themselves, I've posted everything, whether in focus or not. Apologies to those who were missed.

I chose the spot near the half-way point to avoid a cluttered/crowded background.

More than a dozen familiar faces happened to run by! At first I thought everyone was running from something like a bear... but it turned out to be a police cruiser. Understandable, really.
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