Shrinking Levis in bath tub

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    This is illustration for biographical story I have written where Norma encouraged me to wear my tight Levis into the hot-water tub to shrink them, to conform to my body.

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    1. Zulma () 9 months ago | reply

      What a cool idea!!! never heard of to try it though...or to pass it on to others. Happy weekend my friend!!

    2. mzwarthoed 9 months ago | reply

      It was an uncomfortable process? You don't look very happy:-)
      What a nice bathroom!

    3. helenanderson807 9 months ago | reply

      Does it work !!

    4. Owen J Fitzpatrick 9 months ago | reply

      Super work all round Ann. Wonderful Photostream. Educational and highly entertaining.

    5. aongarcia 9 months ago | reply

      Owen, helen, Margriet, Zulma, thanks. YES, it worked, but to this day I detest anything skin-tight on my body! Margriet, it was both uncomfortable and weird.

    6. Patricia Colleen 9 months ago | reply

      Oh Ann, did you really do this? so funny!
      you look rather uncomfortable in this painting, how long did you stay in the tub? I have my eye on the pretty pink chair beside the tub. I'm looking forward to your biography :)

    7. aongarcia 9 months ago | reply

      thanks, h g , and yes, Patricia, I did both the bathtub shrinking Levi thing and the painting. I didn't use any reference for the painting other than my imagination. Someone thought I had green boobs but that's supposed to be a green bra, not that it matters.

    8. imajane 9 months ago | reply

      Wonderful artwork! I love this one. I didn't notice that you were wearing jeans until I read the description. What a wonderful story and artwork to match. Fantastic.

    9. imajane 9 months ago | reply

      Did it work? The shrinking I mean?
      SO cool you did this from your imagination! You have a good one that is for sure.

    10. aongarcia 9 months ago | reply

      thanks, Imajane, I think it worked as I could never get the Levis on again.

    11. feldweg 9 months ago | reply

      ;) I know this celebration, my sister has done it too :)

    12. Kathleen Mercado 9 months ago | reply

      A wonderful painting, Ann. I am trying to imagine getting off a pair of wet, hot tight Levis????? Some sort archaic punishment? Lordy!:)

    13. Kathleen Mercado 9 months ago | reply

      I can't even stand taking off my wet bathing suit!

    14. aongarcia 9 months ago | reply

      Kathleen, must've been thought up by the same MAN who came up with high-heeled shoes! Feldweg, thanks, too.

    15. Mari Anne Werier 9 months ago | reply

      never did this but I used to wash the jeans in hot water to shrink them and then struggle to pull them on. Once on they were fine and eventually wore in. This must have been an ordeal. I love your pictures and the stories to go with them.

    16. corinne glaziou 9 months ago | reply

      great and genial, The Tempest revisited by ann :)

    17. Kellee B. 9 months ago | reply

      Excellent work but it doesn't look too comfortable.

    18. FotoShot 2000 8 months ago | reply

      Shrinking jeans... so love ❤️ this!! Beautiful art Ann! My jeans were so tight I remember laying flat to get the zipper up.

    19. aongarcia 8 months ago | reply

      thank you for nice comments, Mari Anne, Corinne, Kellee (not comfy at all), and dj. (me, too. Lie flat, use needle nose pliers)

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