Receptionist: I took family member to the doctor yesterday and drew my boredom away

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    1. é como se 19 months ago | reply

      yes, it can be very boring. i used to do that too, when i waited from a friend at the dentist, i remember. Like the colours! she have a pretty and small nose:)

    2. Patricia Colleen 19 months ago | reply

      this is good Ann, I like the heavenly bamboo in the pot. When I was out for my walk yesterday I spotted three of the saddest looking heavenly bamboo plants on the sill of a living room window. I am sure they were baked dry from all our hot weather. I was tempted to call the Plant Police. I took a picture but was too far away for it to work. Whenever I'm in a doctor's office I like to listen in to the receptionist's phone conversations. I took my mother last week to her doctor and we spent so long with the doctor that her next patient was filling out a complaint form because she had to wait so long! This receptionist actually looks like my girlfriend, she has died blond hair, loves lime green, and has an attitude :)

    3. art is a private affair 19 months ago | reply

      this is good droredom...

    4. Kathleen Mercado 19 months ago | reply

      She looks like a very kind sort...I get bored at doctor appointments too...unless they are MY appointments; then I am so nervous I can hardly bear it. I have VERY BAD "white coat syndrome". This is lovely, Ann.

    5. aongarcia 19 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Kathleen, Jan (good word coinage!), and Patricia. Go rescue those heavenly bamboos that are wilting! Thanks, I.

    6. carmelomoramacia [deleted] 19 months ago | reply

      When I go to doctor I always carry a book and my small camera,,, just in case
      Excellent and cool drowing,, love your stylish style

    7. cc3373 - (OFF) 19 months ago | reply

      Fantastic angle and expression!!!

    8. Fazou 19 months ago | reply

      Since my GP is always late, I enjoy reading with no noise around :-)

    9. mzwarthoed 19 months ago | reply

      You catched the way of looking of receptionists so well...

    10. SallyAnn 09 19 months ago | reply

      This is always a fun way to wait!!

    11. aongarcia 19 months ago | reply

      SallyAnn, she's the receptionist working continually at her computer! She was also nice to patients, but then went back immediately to the machine! Thanks also, Margriet, Fazou, chris, carmelo.

    12. hedbavny 19 months ago | reply

      she looks bored too

    13. aongarcia 19 months ago | reply

      Ingrid, I think when someone is at a computer, she/he goes into a trance-like state.

    14. anTonyfoto 19 months ago | reply

      I hope the staff appreciate your work, well done :)

    15. Tina Stadeli 19 months ago | reply

      Awesome artistry. I love love love this Ann!!

    16. bunchadogs & susan 19 months ago | reply

      I like waiting rooms. I get some quiet, and I try to carry a book with me always.

      I'm confused on the "heavenly bamboo" which is nandina, a shrub.
      are we thinking of lucky bamboo, or good luck bamboo.
      I have two of them.

    17. aongarcia 19 months ago | reply

      Tony, I didn't SHOW anyone but my flickr people! Tina, thanks. and Susan, yes, waiting rooms are fine IF you bring the right book, the sketch pad, or your writing--or someone else's writing that you are critique-ing. Time goes so fast, doesn't it, when you are doing an activity you enjoy?!!!

    18. sealtestred 19 months ago | reply

      intense but bored look. great capture of the feel of the waiting room! ♥

    19. Tina Stadeli 19 months ago | reply

      So talented Ann. This photo is very telling. I love the way you can sit down and catch a persons mood and display it in such a beautiful way!!

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