Beanie Weenie C-Ration Jan67

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Yum, I can still taste this meal everytime I have a can of beans and franks today.

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  1. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks for these details. Was this your own meal and were you the guard in the post?

  2. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    A few more questions:

    Was the white bread unopened because it tasted bad and nobody wanted to eat it? I've read that the peanut butter supplied in these types of rations was deemed to be so bad that nobody ever ate it.

  3. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Any idea what was in the can on the right? Some type of dessert?

  4. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Perhaps most important: what were you thinking when you took this photo? Was it planned, or just for fun? Were you thinking of people in the future, so they could learn something about what you guys were given to eat at that time?

  5. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Can you tell if the crackers were hardtack biscuits with cheese spread or crackers with peanut butter? Supposedly, according to this article, the B-2 code referred to the hardtack biscuits with cheese spread.

  6. Paul's Captures ( 90 months ago | reply

    This area was called the "bomb dump" and was located across the airfield west of the DaNang Airbase. This was a post I often got and there is little to look at or do, so I often took photos to occupy my time.

    I was trying to let people back home know about my daily routine, plus I wanted to remember what it was like years later. I had no idea we would have the Internet one day or I might have taken more. 'Course, I was limited to the 36 exposures per roll of 35mm film then!

    This was my meal for that particular day.

    There was cheese between those crackers! Best I can remember, I liked the peanut butter even though the oil had usually separated. In the heat of Vietnam, you could stir the oil back into the peanuts!

    The bread was unopened just because I hadn't got to it yet. The other can is a date nut cake/bread for dessert.

    One other interesting note, this unit, like most of the meaty units (Ham & Lima Beans, Beef slices w/. Potatoes in Gravy, or Beans w/. Frankfurter Chunks in Tomato Sauce) was probably warmed on the manifold of one of the Kaiser Jeeps that our area patrols used. About 30 minutes prior to "chow" time, the patrol would visit the stationary posts and the guards would punch a hole or two in the tops of their lunches and place them under the hood. When the patrol returned we had a hot meal!

    We also used to exchange pieces of the meals with each other. Each troop had their favorite items, so some of what's shown could even be from another C-Ration meal, although I don't think so.

  7. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Fascinating. I have never documented a photo as thoroughly as this one, but this one is worth it. I think the only thing I don't have is the make of your 35mm camera.

    Can you check to see if everything is correct?

  8. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Ah, I just noticed that you got two D units instead of one (white bread and date nut cake), so maybe you did get one of those from another airman.

  9. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Hey, speaking of not being able to predict the Internet 40 years ago, this short was filmed while you were in Nam. It predicts the Internet--so unbelievable it looks fake, but it's real!

  10. dbadagna 90 months ago | reply

    Additional research shows that the can on the right was actually date pudding.

  11. jwfhb 87 months ago | reply

    Damn, that was fun to read.

  12. Franks Photos! 85 months ago | reply

    Fond (?) memories of B&F..............LOL

  13. eks4003 85 months ago | reply

    Great C Rat pic!
    Its lunch time
    for the Marines up on Hill 119 1970
    thanks for your service
    click on pic for additional notes

    Lunch Time

  14. Franks Photos! 67 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called TOUR OF DUTY, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Most of ours had a Packaged Date around 1954!

    Oh man, talk about the memories....... LOL
    And when I got home, I could open any can faster with my P38 than my mom could with an electric can opener...... ha

    PS: Hill 119 sounds awfully familiar, Doc!

  15. neil-lost-in-oz 67 months ago | reply

    In 1968 the australian wharf workers went on strike against the VIETNAM WAR ..................the gutless,..... safe at home b#stards refused to load and send supplies to the troops on duty in Nam , so the Australian Government procured rations that had been in storage & shipped them out..........................these rations were dated 1943 , 44 , & kidding !!!!!!!!!!

  16. dbadagna 67 months ago | reply

    Did you eat them?

  17. PzSniper 65 months ago | reply

    Love those kind of old photos!

  18. kodaksights 55 months ago | reply

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  19. TET SURVIVOR 45 months ago | reply

    Good God!! I remember LZ Jane in 1968 and fist fighting over a can of Beanie Weenies. LMFAO!!

  20. infodog45 16 months ago | reply

    Among all the memories of my tour, '66-'67, I still can recall good ole turkey loaf and pound cake. Truly "gourmet" stuff. Yeah, right, but I'd trade for them all the time. A few years ago, when I saw my first MRE, I wondered how we ever got along, out in the boonies, with all those "delicious" C rations. An airborne "grunt"; 2/502, 101st - Strike Force

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