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This collection of over 2800 photos consists of nearly all the shots I have available from the 2008 Coronado High School Track season. Rather than upload them at full resolution (over 8 gigs) I resized them to a max size of 1600 pixels. This is large enough for nearly all computer screens and will produce a sharp print up to 8x10 inches in size. If you want to produce an 8x10 from a cropped portion of one of these shots or if you want a larger print, just let me know the image you need and I'll send it to you. The exceptions to this sizing are the team shots which are at full resolution. Thanks to Bill Davies for taking most of these shots.

I used a bute-force approach to photo selection. Basically I just uploaded everything and, so it seems, some photos multiple times. When I get time I may or may not re-upload a more select collection.

Flickr is pretty easy to get around in once you get used to it, but then again pole vaulting is easy once you get the hang of it. Thedevil is in the details. Anyway you can download any of these shots or use the built-in order form for inexpensive prints from Snapfish that you can have mailed to you or picked-up at any Target store.

-George Green
Head Track Coach, Coronado High School