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ODESSA IS DARK PSY | by rafeejewell
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We have been having a lot of fun lately cruising from club to club, event to event. I have been avoiding the larger scenes lately just to hang with people on a more personal level. I miss that!


A few nights ago, my angel and I headed for a very late night chill time with one of our favorite dj's, Tasty Hax. I've known her quite a while and have always loved her spins and her conceptual group, Radiant Bliss Music Project.


Sexy, sweet and full of energy, Tasty brings a city-fied sound to the house tunes. Jazzy and sophisticated, we listened, danced and had a great time at Electro Violence that night.


I caught Tasty at Woods on the Beach the other night, too. I was only going to stay for 30 minutes but the tunes sounded so goooood! So I stayed for her set.


Now, for the hardstuff, I had to go to Domina Disco Club for a back-to-back set from dj IsitheDreamaker Teskat and dj Weyayman Howlett. That was a treat for me! Two incredible hardstyle dj's going full bore! Woot! I had a blast!


I had to buy some dj animations and some club stuff for myself. I had heard that Nutrie had expanded its retail offerings. Wow! Go check it out! I bought animations and all kinds of accessories there. Just tell Franta that Rafee sent you! And I loved the head sculpture... very cool.


Xavi and I went over to BassLine Island for a little dj Psycho Putzo craziness. He is hardstyle but with a more experimental noise and sound. I love it. Someone was passing out pogo sticks. Okies. This was a major hit! I swore I would never get off the pogo! LOL!


The other afternoon, I stopped off at Odessa. Dark psy was looming large as I waved to Micky and other friends. Intimate setting in the forest with a nicely designed dance area presents a nice place for dark psy music.


But, it's not only clubbing that we do. We went over to Meeting Support and donned the skis and took to the slopes. Weeee! That was an ultimate extreme sport! We even danced on our! And, the balloon ride was very romantic... <3.

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Taken on January 31, 2009