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I stumbled upon Organica many moons ago while searching for a no-drama free zone. At the time, I was filled with a personal sorrow and needed to reach out to those who loved life and people.


I found it one night in a grassy meadow facing an Asian wooden structure. Inside, a dj was spinning magic. Goa sounds were mesmerizing and tantalizing. So addictive and spiritual, the music captured my heart and soul.


That was my introduction to dj Thomtrance O"Toole, one of the founders of Happy Clam Island. That same night, I heard dj Qee Nishi, too. Psy sounds so intense that I was riveted to the place and didn't leave for hours.


The intimate and natural setting was so simple that it defied explaining to others what I had found there. Not just a club, but a total experience. And soon, I became a proud member of HCI.


Major events happen regularly, but my favorite is the solstice parties. A line-up of dj's at the recent winter solstice drew so many dj's, club owners, artists and party people that most of us could hardly move due to lag. Someone shouted out that 56 people were at the party. WOW!


I arrived in time to hear the end of dj Shiori Carter's set. I must hear her more. She is a wonderful dj and brings the psy with a passion. Healer Ladybird was next. I love her sets and she plays at many places on the grid including Piranha, another favorite club.


Shad Raffke was up with a powerful set and most know her as the owner of Piranha, a popular club that all of us frequent. Then, came dj Thomtrance, the goa master who started my journey towards this happy place.


At 10 PM, dj Qee Nishi took over. Qee is the queen of psy and probably the best psy dj in Second Life. Her fans are legendary as they will follow her anywhere! I spotted her in a new avie skin and clothes. She looked fabulous!


Alexi Ayres followed Qee with a powerful presence. Her avie was a stunning creature-like wolverine with a firey spike at the forehead. Fierce, Alexi presents a program artistically designed to create an atmosphere. She is a performance artist.


The burn started slowly, climbing up the feet... then the legs... and finally engulfing the entire wicker man. A paper airplane flew around the straw man waving a banner proclaiming "LOVE", a wonderful sentiment in time for the holidays.


The crowd was in a frenzy of dancing and joyful shouts. Gestures were streaming so fast, that it was hard to keep up reading them, chatting in IM's and taking pictures.


I crashed at least 3 - 4 times but always came back more refreshed than ever. Each time I came back, I could work even more diligently on the camera. (Nice to have it working again!)


Second Life is an amazing place full of surprises and beauty. Happy Clam Island is one of those spots. A precious sim full of wonderful and thoughtful people. I thank Thom, Finn, Alexi, Elpis and Rebecca for having the vision to create such an awesome place. I am honored to be a Clam!

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Taken on December 21, 2008