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Is it possible to fall in love with a virtual mate? In Second Life, couples prove that theory on a regular basis. They do fall in love. Sometimes, it lasts and sometimes it doesn't.


Those that last are a remarkable group of couples. They are remarkable both in SL and RL where the divorce rate matches the break-ups in SL!


My partner, Xavier and I enjoy SL very much. We dance, we explore, we network, we chill, we love and we have a blast doing silly things.


So many places offer romantic areas such as ballrooms, chill zones and explorations. Here are some of our favorites...


Avilion Ballroom is a special favorite of mine. It's where I first danced with my first crush... and now I dance here with my partner. Recently, renovated, the Avilion offers a beautiful place to romance each other.


Phatland is another. More jazz music than Avilion, Phat's is a sophisticated club for couples. Beautifully built, we seem to frequent this place a lot.


Another great ballroom venue is Frank's Place. A lot of avies hang out here, so do prepare for a bit of lag. I suggest that you arrive early so that you can grab a spot on the dance floor.


A smaller club that we frequent regularly is the MMAC Jazz Link. Every week, DJ VJ Shojo spins an eclectic set of jazz and indie tunes. Very chill and very romantic little jazz club. Dash Renoir is the perfect host there.


Then there's the beautiful Ballroom">Palace, where grand is an understatement. We usually arrive to a nearly empty place dancing alone in our own world. Very romantic.


But, the most grand of all is a recent discovery. Tempura Island and Ballroom is the epitome of a lover's paradise. Grand and magnificent, the ballroom is done in gold gilt, with a beautiful ceiling and wall textures. The stairs leading to the ballroom and castle are simple but ever so opulent. This is an LM that I have sent to all my friends! LOL!


And we still frequent the clubs that offer a place for us. A place where we can be a couple without the drama that other places bring...


We hit Dorian Gray for DJ Barbs set and Xavier set off his JMD particle hud for a romantic interlude on the dance floor. So fun!


A big thanks to DJ Dint Talon for an awesome night over at IPR365 Milky Way Entertainment complex's K-Lounge. OMG, we had a blast! DJ Dint was spinning an incredible set of jungle, tribal, trance... you name it, he was spinning it! We stayed until the end!


We also went to Bogart's Cafe which is kinda a ballroom and kinda a lounge setting. You can dress in ballroom or cocktail dress there. We often go in between clubbing for a quick ballroom dance to lovely jazz music.


We usually stop off at Spanish DJ Sonar Halsey's Future Club. It is always psy heaven there! And BassLine Island for some hardcore tunes to get the blood pumping. Both are fun clubs for couples to hang at and dance.


And when we explore, we always seem to find the cutest places such as Midnight City for NBC's romantic dinner club, Rainbow Room Dining and the Italian pizza place that reminds me of North Beach in San Francisco!


The other night, Xavi took me to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's build featuring an interactive floor of of the entire world's atmosphere! Wow! This from the US Department of Commerce!


And, when we chill at home we can be silly and set off our particles and dance or pull all our emotes and gestures for hours of silliness.


Couples in Second Life are just like couples in real life. They play, they love, they emote real emotions towards each other... and as best friends, they share the best of Second Life together.



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Taken on November 12, 2008