Sarah Palin in Kuwait 4

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    1. IM1~USN~RET 68 months ago | reply

      You Go Girl ! ! !~ Bravo ! ! !

    2. tommyzer0 67 months ago | reply

      is this the chinese army ? there is more azn than american.

    3. GOP Powerz 67 months ago | reply

      take it off baby!

    4. sandortkassar 67 months ago | reply

      I am all for Sarah, mostly because she is running with McCain, but also she seems to share his ideals.


      That guy Obama says McCain is like Bush, but Bush has spent us into deep debt. Obama plans to spend us into even deeper debt.
      He talks about the hundreds of billions he is going to spend on this and that, but is afraid to explain to people where he will get the money to increase all that spending.

      McCain promised an Across-the-Board spending freeze, so he does not have to raise anyone's taxes.

      Obama is nothing but a tax-and-spend liberal who is MUCH more like Bush than McCain ever will be. Look at his campaign, how much he has spent. More than any other campaign in the history of the nation.

      It is pretty obvious his answer to problems is to throw money at them.
      If you watched the last debate, you heard Obama admit that. Every problem he mentioned, he said he would increase spending. If you missed it, listen to a replay.

      He says we can't take 8 more years of Bush, and that Change is coming. Problem is that the change is that he is going OUT-SPEND Bush. What a CHANGE !!!!

      Add to that Obama's TOTAL LACK of ANY LEADERSHIP experience during his short career, and you realize what a HUGE mistake it would be consider Obama a possibility.


      Tommy zero, what do you mean by azn? If you mean asian but couldn't spell it, I think you are off base. Blow up the picture if you can't see it well. I see three guys who look hispanic and the rest look white. Look at the noses. Not one of these guys has an oriental nose. See?

    5. NOBAMA2007 67 months ago | reply

      Hmmm well couldnt they be Native Americans??? seeing as to how there all wearing the Alaska National Guard patch.. Eskimoe's come to mind

    6. edgardinho8 67 months ago | reply

      wow i bet all those guys are supporters for obama but the only reason why mccain should win is because of sarah being so good looking

    7. MFP08:) 66 months ago | reply

      Thank Goodness for those who recognize our troops like McCain and Palin has! The men and women who fight and stand up for our country and those who support them know the cost of our freedom. No one was drafted to this war, and it was more than this war that made them decide to become part of our nations armed forces.We should be thankful that we have the freedom we do, and that will always come to a cost to keep it. I'm proud of our troops who have our backs. War is not always the answer and maybe McCain or Obama can bring something different to the table but there will always be good and bad in this world and there is a time for war and a time for peace. May God be with us all....

    8. editors_desk 66 months ago | reply

      the republican base needs to be cleaned out of some of the gutless cowards who are sending out the attacks on ms. palin using the media and the nastiness of the democrats... sarah palin get's my vote for president in 2012 and if she runs... she will mop up the floor with obama. trust that. sarah palin kicks ass.

    9. Mean Spirited [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      What a fucking phoney.

    10. editors_desk 48 months ago | reply

      what a fucking looney...

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