Sarah Palin in Kuwait 2 (High Rez)

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  • michealshayne05 7y

    Obama has all these poor people thinking that he is going to change their lives when the reality is if they don't get off their asses and get a job they are going to live the same way that they did b-4 obama. I feel sorry for these ppl and think that it is a shame that obama has promised them something that he cannot do for them but that they have to do for themselves.
  • michealshayne05 7y

    i think i love tulip_abcd. an informed person that understands that the democrats like to blame bush for everything that they created. Hell it might have even been on purpose to get the presidency, all i heard in obamas campaign was we could'nt handle another 4 years of Bush. Bush isn't running for president....and anyone that wants to say McCain is the same as Bush fell for Barack's Stupidity vote. If Barack wins this election it's because he realized that he could get the vote of people that want something for nothing and there are alot of them here in the United States. Maybe they should just give my social security check to the "hood"
  • bearstyle2006 7y

    Its too bad she doesnt have a chance.
  • ~michie~ 7y

    I'm commenting on some comments below: I will agree Palin doesn't come off as the brightest bulb in the box. But who is to say she wouldn't make a great Vice President.? We need someone who is commpassionate, humble and really understand the common folk needs. So in my opinion, I think Obama is our GUY. I vote for OBAMA!!! ... Nevertheless if Palin was part of the Democratic party, which she should be! I would vote for her to be next VP or President in 2012
  • GO OBAMA 7y

    Well this is what the Republicans want us to say, so here it goes....
    I am voting for Obama because
    1. He is an African-American - but I am not racist against white people.. Really, I am not!!!! I am both - black and white!!!!
    2. He believe in a woman's choice - last time I checked it is my body, but I have never had an abortion and would never. I am just glad to know that I have control over my own body.
    3. Hey bring on the tax cuts - I make well over $100K but if I made over $250K then why complain.
    4. It IS time for CHANGE.....he can't do any worse than Bush..

    Most of you really just do not want to be honest and say you would rather a white woman in office than a black man. I think Palin should be under just as much scruteny for her messed up family. If it was Obama who had a pregnant teeneage-he would be drug through the mud. If he left his wife who was to "unattractive" for him - that would be the highlight on every news channel. I do not care what religion he is - I know very accomplished muslims that contribute to America. Although, he is a Christian - some people will use anything to say that is why they are not voting for Obama- but be proud say it is because he is a black man. For those who do not know, we have Muslims that serve in our military and are in Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

    OBAMA '08
  • boratatemytots 7y

    She is a great person and she has my vote!
  • michealshayne05 7y

    OK to those that say Barack is a christian, lets note that he turned his back on his church after 22 years not because his preacher said any of those things about our country, but because it got on tv. He is 2 faced and will change his mind to suit what he wants u to see. Maybe he is a muslim, maybe he is a christian. myself i think he's just confused and will say he is whatever u want him to be.
  • akimfax 7y

    Let me say that if you raise the tax rate on big corporations then the little guy will get a tax break.
    If you raise the tax on a big corporation then the corporation will raise the cost of its goods to pay the tax.
    In reality all the taxes that any government collects are paid by us
  • buntingron 7y

    By Now it may be already decided who will become the most powerful politician in the world. Note: I said POLITICIAN . America will have missed a great oppurtunity to elect a man who has sweated blood for his country and woman who has actual leader ship qualifications and Charisma.
    Obama has been a "community leader" and a senator for a few months,many of those months were spent writing two books ...about himself.
    Many in the USA have been associating him with Dr Martin Luther King,but Obama is a mere lawyer ( and pity help the USA when you have a Lawyer running your nation) and he will never be a Dr King!.
    Have a look at continental Africa and show me ONE Black African leader who has succeeded in running a country without killing his own citizens,stealing the countries money and instigating socialist or Marxist principles withhout begging the USA or UN for more money and I will show the phantom.
    Obama fits the mould exactly . Educated to be a lawyer ( Mugabe et al are highly educated and were popularly thrust into power only to too show their true motives by destroying their own nations) ,charismatic and able to talk up a storm. But what real experience is there? ,surely not that corrupt tool of the lobbiest,Joe Biden? ,surely not obama,who has only a few days experience as a senator? .
    Mark this comment,save it, and in four years come back and tell me i was wrong while you wonder WHY the huge taxes you will be paying are being used to support those who have reason to be supported because of their anti US activities.
    And Why the PASHTUN ,under the eye of Obama have been allowed to over run Phakistan ,a country which has 50 (FIFTY) nuclear weapons and governed by a weak politician in the shape of Bhutto's widower..... 50 million Pashtun stand ready to over run the middle east and the USA's wealth in the form of energy assests in the Gulf regions. Under Obama ,who they have been waiting for, this WILL happen because the USA will no longer be in Iraq. He is seen by many in those lawless places as the Mahdi ( look it up !) and his seldom pronounced policies pronounce this ,much like Hitlers " mein kamph" did in the 1920's,and know one read that either ,did they?
    This will be Your responsibility because you will have been swayed yet again by pretty speeches and slick marketing without checking the substance behind Them.
  • artsdad 7y

    you braindead (obama worshipers) are worried about Palins leadership qualities? Obama has done nothing but talk his lies, hide the facts and make this country move a couple more rungs down the ladder. I would choose Sarah anyday to have a face to face with the leader of any America hating countries. If Obama gets elected we will be the world's whipping boy............GOD help us
  • retrospace18 7y

    Id hit it
  • Northwest Milf 7y

    Don't let the door hit ya where the lord split ya. Lets all pray together that we will never hear from this woman ever ever again.
  • mosquitobiceps 7y

  • nosocialism2008 7y

    Congratulations President Elect Obama and faithful supporters!
    With the majority in the House and Senate; there will be no
    selfish Republicans to stand in the way of properity for America!
    I will support our new President and I have high expectations he will
    keep his promise to not only balance our budget, stimulate our economy as well. Look forward to my son-in-law returning from Iraq soon.
    The last President to control that much power (House and Senate majority) was President Ronald Reagan. Our enconomy was in the midst of recession when he took office; within 16 months he had turned it around. Before the end of his first term managed to end the cold war.
    Second term began with a land slide victory; ending in a flourishing economy. All the build up about President Obama I have high expectations he will do the same.
    It's all on him; he as been given the gift of power, however, should he fail there are no, not one, Republican to blame. Keep your eye on the won't be Republican PORK. Finally the Democrats are in the light; 100% accountable to their nation.
    Good luck I will keep you posted on his success.
  • january20th2009 7y

    you're a little late. It was demonstrated with great clarity last night that the politics of divisiveness and fear mongering no longer work. The American people want something different. Your tactics are as outdated as your ideas are paranoid.
  • we need a pro account 7y

    she had my vote i wish they would have won they would have been great i just hope now that the people will soon see just what they have done...
  • 7y

    Goodbye Barbie!
  • Francys Geisse 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Wonder Woman, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Mean Spirited 6y

    Stupid cunt,trying to be interesting.
  • Doug Bradley 6y

    Hahahaha, there were people that actually voted for this bimbo. She is George Bush in a dress. She's coming out with a book. Well, actually it's a coloring book. Don't expect too much from this one. She couldn't even finish a full term as Governor of Alaska.
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Taken on August 30, 2008
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