All alone am I, all I can do is cry..

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    No friends at the park yesterday..

    By the way I forgot to mention, we went for ice cream after this and she felt much better :)

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    1. DAVE ID from MTL ages ago | reply

      AWw come on... why? She looks heartbroken

    2. KLnyc ages ago | reply


    3. CBGB_Hoser ages ago | reply

      Exactly Dave, she SOO looks forward to finding her friends at the park - which includes anyone there thats playing :)

      That really is a heartbreaking shot; she kills me when she looks at me like that :)

    4. Faux Photography by Andyofne ages ago | reply

      I usually have to kick my kids pretty hard to get that kind of shot.

    5. Belzie ages ago | reply

      Kim's emotion are normally VERY easy to SEE.
      It would be great if Tom could make a folder and catch her emotion :) OMG that would rock , you guy's would have a Blast!

    6. Jacobsmamma ages ago | reply

      OMG!!! I just wanna tickle her tummy to make her laff, but u captured the moment perfectly. Imagine when she get's to the age when she is interested in boys, any potential guys you don't like show them this image she will cringe & they will run 4 the hills lolooooooooo

    7. kurtmichaelson ages ago | reply

      Looks like a sitting head call to me!

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