Baffin Island, NT, Canada: Collapsible Fuel Tanks
SEI Industries manufactured a turn key temporary fuel farm and deployed it on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. The system was designed to store 2,100,000 USG (8,000,000 Liters) of fuel.

The system was filled via a barge through a pipeline that extended from the fuel farm to the shore. Two types of fuel were pumped in to seventy-six 30,000 USG (114,000 Liter) Arctic-King collapsible fuel tanks.

The tanks sit inside an above ground earth in secondary containment berm with an oil water separator to prevent ground contamination in the event of a spill.

Four 250 USG (1000 Liter) per minute trailer mounted fuel pumps provide bulk fuel transfer for site tanker trucks that shuttle the fuel to various sites at the mine. Two vehicle refueling systems provide service to other mine vehicles. This fuel farm was used to support the construction of an iron ore mine.
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