Happy Father’s day -- My First day on Dad’s back

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Born Friday morning. All is well.

Great Canadian Loon -- This diver is well-known in Canada, appearing on the "loonie" coin and the previous series of $20 bill, and is the provincial bird of Ontario. Also, it is the state bird of Minnesota.
The voice and appearance of the Great Northern Loon has made it prominent in several Native American tales. These include a story of a loon which created the world in a Chippewa story; a Micmac saga describes Kwee-moo, the loon who was a special messenger of Glooscap (Glu-skap), the tribal hero; native tribes of British Columbia believed that an excess of calls from this bird predicted rain, and even brought it; and the tale of the loon's necklace was handed down in many versions among Pacific Coast peoples. Folk names include big loon, black-billed loon, call-up-a-storm, ember-goose, greenhead, guinea duck, imber diver, ring-necked loon, and walloon.

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  1. cruso2 7 months ago | reply

    Congratulations on having a Best Image Ranked photograph in the Group!!
    (Seen in DM's Lair, a treasure trove of images.)</

  2. (: Thanks!! ~ emma xo [deleted] 6 months ago | reply

    ... ♥
    Yay!! One of life's simple lessons ...
    We're all here to help each other out every now and then. :)

  3. Catherine Joll LRPS 2 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot. Well done.

  4. Ania.Photography - travelling 4 weeks ago | reply

    Simply superb :)) ! This is the sort of shot I would love to get but never manage as it's not easy! The cuteness factor here is right through the scale! :) Love the pose and how the little one looks so intent on where the parent is going.I really like your low view point and the fact that you can see the father's and the baby's profile, the refection on the water is also very lovely and the nice ripples add to the impact of the composition.
    A superb family portrait and very good timing indeed.Bravo!
    Please exhibit this outstanding image at
    Absolute Quality Gallery
    Absolute Quality<br>Gallery

  5. Nick Boren Photography 4 weeks ago | reply

    What a cute Loon image NA... your timing could not have been any better.Admired in:Absolute Quality Gallery
    Absolute Quality<br>Gallery

  6. Caz 71♥ (Off) 4 weeks ago | reply

    So adorable, what a cute little guy, and I love the way they are both looking at you, just gorgeous, well done!!!!
    Admired in:Absolute Quality Gallery
    Absolute Quality<br> Gallery

  7. coyrooster 3 weeks ago | reply

    Precious beyond words.

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  8. Ania.Photography - travelling 3 weeks ago | reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful image at:
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  9. P. SuttonPhotography 3 weeks ago | reply

    Cuteness overload! What a special moment you have captured of this Great Canadian Loon and his little one taking a ride on dad's back, completely comfortable all stretched out with those large feet balancing him perfectly. Congratulations on your excellent timing as I personally know just how difficult a shot like this is to get in the wild. Impressive beyond words!
    Admired in:Absolute Quality Gallery
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  10. max tuta noronha 3 weeks ago | reply

    happy father's day.
    Now, where is your mother?
    I see, you're looking at her, and daddy at someone else.
    Well done.
    Please tell daddy to stop smoking, the eyes are a give away.
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  11. Flick'gAbility 3 weeks ago | reply

    Admired in *Absolute Quality Gallery*
    Outstanding, tight framing!

  12. B*i*B (OFF) 3 weeks ago | reply

    Way too cute! Beautiful moment! Admired in:Absolute Quality Gallery
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  13. ~anup PHOTOGRAPHY~ 2 weeks ago | reply

    a wonderful moment captured beautifully...beautiful focus and details

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  14. Robin-Wilson 2 weeks ago | reply

    Amazing shot!!!....super cute!!
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