• Corn, the second largest crop we grow
  • The main 'road' is here, but hard to see due to the steep landscape
  • Corn
  • Muong Hoa river
  • Lao chai Village is one km. this way >>>
  • Flooded rice paddies
  • A person... possibly checking the water level for the perfect time to start planting
  • Tavan Village is this way. Aprox. 3 km.
  • <<< the main road is 1 km.
  • Lovely! - JannaPham
  • love this detail : Before/After ... - Cl☼se - bises & merci à vous de tt mon ♥ :-)
  • You can see a closeup here
  • The Green rice, read more details here
  • Rice paddies continue way up on this montain
  • All irrigation is done manually by controlling the water flow for one paddy to another.
    This area near the river banks has the best, widest and easiest to work, paddies. Up the mountains they get much steeper and narrow
  • Wonderful view! - Kuang Woo | Photography
  • Another capture, right? - B℮n
  • this is awesome! - This is fucked

Awesome view of our livelihood

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Hmong, Sapa -- We are planting the Rice now.
Early morning view of Muong Hoa Valley -- The landscapes look changes rapidly within weeks. From the unworked paddies, to the vibrant terra cotta color of the land, than flooded by water, light green when just planted and darker, beautiful… magical green, as the rice grows. The rice planting season is now in full force and everyone is in the fields working in the labor intensive process. Unlike what many of you may think, it’s a happy time for the Hmong, when families and friends work together. They chat and laugh and you will never hear a complaint or rarely see a sign of hardship. After all, rice is the food they need and paying the utmost attention to every minute detail may just bring a few more grains.

See the rice set here

The Black Hmong are the 3rd largest minority in Vietnam with nearly 900,000 people. In the Sapa region there are about 35,000 Black Hmong residing in the surrounding 17 villages and they account for about 50% of the area population. The Hmong started migrating to Vietnam from China in the last 300 years. They live of the land and believe in the spirits.



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  1. lukiassaikul 40 months ago | reply

    Beautifully captured! :-)

  2. Sarah Lawver (follow me on Instagram!) 40 months ago | reply

    Best one of the whole bunch! Interesting capture thank you for sharing.

  3. Khun THUM.SI 38 months ago | reply

    stunning shot

  4. charbar2009 38 months ago | reply

    Absolutely fantastic capture!!

  5. Dan Panaitescu (light catcher) 37 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing it's an abosutly fantastic image. Great shot!

  6. jean.paul_martin 37 months ago | reply

    Superbe Paysage (Landschaft). bravo et merci

  7. bahadirbermekphotography [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    great photo, congrats

  8. ...1,000 Words 36 months ago | reply

    What an awesome shot! Great angle.

  9. tranquoctoan1976 34 months ago | reply

    cám ơn bạn ,đã mang hình ảnh ,bình dị của người dân VIET NAM chúng tôi,tới mọi người bạn trên thế giới.cảm ơn bạn nhiều........

  10. Alex'Duong 34 months ago | reply

    Vietnam, my country! It would be more wonderful if you take when they ripe.

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  12. kevinanderson09 32 months ago | reply

    wow. Wonderful. I want to come here.

  13. route2pass 32 months ago | reply

    fantastic work

  14. hjuengst 30 months ago | reply

    perfect shot !!!

  15. familiamissionaria7 29 months ago | reply

    gostei muito! Sugoi!

  16. Rebecca Layne 13 months ago | reply

    Love this pic, love Vietnam!

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