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The Call of the Wild

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I usually don't expect much when I go to the Zoo with the family. I sometimes don't even take my camera(s).


On this day, I had my M8 with the 90 Elmarit-M attached. While we were looking at the Lions through a fence outside, I saw this one scratching the glass as if she wanted to get out, or get in.


I hurried over to see what was happening and found this scene. Everything happened so fast that I don't remember changing out lenses, but I think I did swap out and used the 50 summilux instead.


It is horrible how television portrays these beautiful animals today. They focus on their "killing" power and paint them as thoughtless predators. I think this photo shows the longing of animals to be loved and cared for by people, and the desire of human beings to connect and care for them as well.


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Taken on July 16, 2009