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Cute Child in the City | by ChipM2008
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Cute Child in the City

Hi to all my Flickr friends out there. Sorry not to be around much these days, but business has been very hectic the past few months and I have had very little time for those things I love so much, wildlife, and photography. As I was getting ready to refill the feeder for the countless house sparrows and few house finches that visit my feeder at the office, I was shocked one afternoon to see a gray fox eating seeds beneath the bird feeder. A good looking female who was obviously nursing some young ones. Of course, I brought my camera and tripod to the office. Mom came out and ate her fill before allowing the kits out for a bite. Gray foxes are the only canids (members of the dog family) in North America that can climb trees. To find such a beautiful and thriving family in my industrial section of NE Minneapolis was truly inspiring. I have seen red foxes around here from time to time, but to have a family of gray foxes in my business's backyard is very special. I have not tried to find their den, as I am sure Mom already has untold stress to deal with. I will help the family along as I can, yet keep my distance. Already she seems not uncomfortable with the presence of me and my tripod. I am honored. On the other hand, I don't want them to become too cozy with me. A healthy fear of human beings is a good thing for a wild animal to possess. I have counted five kits thus far.

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Taken on June 20, 2012