Rebecca's Decal Ceramics

Ceramic decal art is a type of Americana, it represents our past, and what was popular at the time. To preserve ceramic decals they must be used. Old decals are very fragile and delicate. Most of the decals I use are not available any more, they were made in the 50s-70s and are now vintage art. Sometimes when I put an old decal in water (to ready them to apply them to the plate) they just dissolve. When I apply my decals I take a lot of time to be careful so that they do not tear. It is a unique artform!

I often begin with simple porcelain plates and I also make vases, cups, large platters and teapots. My vases are two sided, and completely covered in decals. The vase mold that I use is from 1950. The teapots, like all my pieces, are useable functional pottery as well.

I also use decals on sculptural forms, dolls and other slip-cast pieces. The only porcelain doll I currently have with complete decals is the Tattoo Eve. It is made from one of the first series of commercial molds that was ever created.
You can tell by this porcelain doll that the model (who also modeled as Barbie) was a rare beauty.

I actively sell my work, am always looking for new opportunities to show my work and I take commissions.

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Rebecca Sargent
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