• 24" iMac! Main workstation
  • 17" Macbook Pro! For working outside the home office.
  • Herman Miller Mirra. I love this chair. So comfy!
  • Simple Ikea stool. Hardly use it.
  • Airport Extreme
  • So much junk still unprocessed in my inbox...

Pasz.nl home office

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My home office! This is where I do freelance work and build web apps for www.revenapps.com!

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  1. fredygamer 61 months ago

    Very nice. Looks great.

  2. manning999 [deleted] 61 months ago

    It's beautiful! This is the standard for all workspaces.

  3. pasz.nl 61 months ago

    Wow! My home office and I are blushing :)!

  4. patrix99 61 months ago

    Wish I had the dough to buy a Herman Miller, a 17" MBP, and 24" iMac :) Perhaps Signum the cable mgmt tray also from IKEA could help clear some of that cable clutter and make the workspace appear cleaner

  5. pasz.nl 61 months ago

    Hey Patrix, I got the Herman Miller very cheap (used)! The Macs, well, yeah those cost a lot but they're investments for my freelance company so I can taxt deduct a lot off those :).

    Thanx for the tip, will buy that cable management thing next time I stop by Ikea!

  6. patrix99 61 months ago

    Used Herman Millers? Where do you get those?

  7. pasz.nl 61 months ago

    Online! There are a few stores here in The Netherlands that sell them, used.

  8. CleverSubtleties 60 months ago

    Im liking that desk.. where did you get it, or what is it called, etc? Very clean set up.

  9. pasz.nl 60 months ago

    There's no brand or anything on the desk. I got it from my father and he can't remember where he got it. it's likely over 25 years old.

  10. captcreate 51 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called What's on your shelves?, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  11. iGlad1 50 months ago

    I suggest you move the desk to the shelving and then u can use the shelving under the desk to put your external HDs etc as this will keep the desktop clear and less wires. I bought the expedit desk and shelving combo and it works a treat with my Mac Mini. love the room light and bright

  12. MidwestMainer 37 months ago

    Saw this on MyInkBlog....one of my favorites! Interesting printer idea...

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