• Let me guess, you've just saved the NG's with boobies, right? ;) - Heather LEGOgirl
  • So which of these fake books opens the door to the Batcave? - mondayn00dle
  • If you ever see my basement you'll discover why that comment is ironic. But meanwhile, these are hollow and just for storing my porn DVDs.
  • Impressive. ;) - Heather LEGOgirl
  • If I ever see your basement? Sucker, I’m IN your basement, right now, creeping up the stairs with a butcher knife, wearing nothing but a necklace strung with severed toes and a big fuckin’ smile…

    Still wanna split a room at Brickworld? ;-) - mondayn00dle
  • As usual, Heather has the funniest comment... - mondayn00dle
  • If you're in my basement and all you've got is a butcher's knife, you're in serious trouble. Grab one of the swords and give yourself a fighting chance.
  • “Butcher knife” is just an affectionate euphemism for my plasma axe. Don’t worry Mark…I’ll be fine... - mondayn00dle
  • I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I'm going with the severed toe necklace and smile. - Heather LEGOgirl

For the consideration of General Zod...

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Alex Eylar expressed his suspicions in a recent post that I might not have been as familiar with Triplets of Belville as I claimed.

Hopefully exhibit A will assuage his doubts to some degree. (Great movie, for anyone who's not seen it!)

  1. peterlmorris 76 months ago | reply

    I didn't realize Alex Eylar had spent time in a crazy mirror prison!

    But what is this triplets movie? I've never heard of it.

  2. Fredoichi 76 months ago | reply

    ^ It's a pretty good animated movie from Belgium. But not for everyone I must say. Its French Art Nouveau style, story and pacing and it's pre war Gypsian jazz (Django Reinhardt type) soundtrack maybe to arty for a lot... but I like it alot.

  3. Capt. 5p8c3 76 months ago | reply

    It's a lovely animated movie from my country... 8)

  4. Capt. 5p8c3 76 months ago | reply

    @ peterImorris: it's about cycling

  5. Amhakia 76 months ago | reply

    They summed it up pretty well. A few details...

    All of the characters are quite odd in appearance and behaivor. The general story is about a boy who grows up to be a competitive cyclist with the aid of his Grandmother (I think grandmother) and beloved dog. During a competition, he's kidnapped and taken to the City of Belville. There he's forced, by members of a mob, to ride a stationary bike in competition with other cyclists for the gambling pleasure of the underground crowds. It's up to his grandmother, the dog, and three old ladies (the triplets) to save him from the gangsters.

  6. Profound Whatever 76 months ago | reply

    Oh, fine, I believe you. Consider my doubts assuaged.

    And, people, I cannot emphasize enough how great "The Triplets of Belleville" is. If you like fat dogs and stick grenades, this is your movie.

  7. Shannon Ocean 76 months ago | reply

    Thank you general Zod, I shall now be on the lookout for this movie.

  8. mondayn00dle 76 months ago | reply


    Don’t you have anything normal like The Dark Knight or Transformers or something?

    Gambling on stationary bike racing?! Wah?!

    What, couldn’t you find any movies about back alley tiddlywink matches or deathmatch knitting?

    *dammed artsy freak…*

  9. Adult_Boy 76 months ago | reply

    OMG I used to have so much fun playing tiddlywinks at may grandparents... *flashback*

    I take it this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the lame pseudo-barbie theme from Lego.

  10. kaitimar 76 months ago | reply

    I liked the film, especially the cars those mobsters were driving. 2CV made into a thirties limo. We should LEGO those!

  11. iJayη 76 months ago | reply

    ROFL at the notes. :P

  12. r a p h y 74 months ago | reply

    Heather, Mark - the others.....if there is ANYONE to make me LOL like hell and have to go to the bathroom it's you guys.....

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