Camden Goth

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    1. kiplingflu ages ago | reply

      your becoming quite a people-photographer,go figure.

    2. Farl ages ago | reply

      magnetic! the piercing, the smoking- both of which I don't really go for- somehow transport you to a world that is not mine but no less interesting.

    3. MariaJC ages ago | reply

      Such a cool portrait - really fantastic!

    4. Lady Vervaine ages ago | reply

      Thanks so much for the responses, everyone :)

      I'm not a people-photographer by instinct; they seem so complicated & changeable to me, and far beyond my ability to describe them truthfully in a single image! But I've been very encouraged by responses to earlier photographs of people that I've posted here – so I thought I might have a go at a series of faces on the Camden street.... Glad it seems to be striking a chord!

    5. thermophle ages ago | reply

      wow, geat can tell a lot about her! (found in Explore)

    6. Michaeljohn ages ago | reply

      Fantastic! More you look at the better it gets. All the things going on round the mouth are fascinating, and the way the fag-ash is framed by the nostril...
      And nice to know it's Camden! I've got some ex-Goth friends who used to love going to the market for incredible boots when they came to visit me when I lived down South

    7. hellophotokitty ages ago | reply

      Modern day Janis Joplin...

    8. Lady Vervaine ages ago | reply

      Thanks again, everyone :)

      I should just point out that this is a boy, not a girl - though there's definitely something androgynous about eyebrowless faces....

    9. katifelkai ages ago | reply

      Sad, sad, very sad.

    10. pibaxpibax ages ago | reply

      I am scared!!

    11. passions just like mine ages ago | reply

      i love the perspective in this pic, it's perfect!

    12. Traces in the Sand [deleted] ages ago | reply

      ahhh, down the Underworld at the weekends then off to Slimelight to moocha around to the dulcet tones of Bob Smith, Messrs Murphy and Curtis, and of course Count Von Eldritch. Them were the days..... Fantastic portrait btw, he is indeed 'avin' a faaaaaag. :)

    13. hallo.dier ages ago | reply

      Watch out! Don't burn your nose!

    14. Little Grey ages ago | reply

      what a cool pic!!

    15. Lady Sara. ages ago | reply

      very good...
      this photo is beautiful...

    16. andre govia. 120 months ago | reply

      Great photo 10/10

    17. Miss Guillotine 111 months ago | reply

      the pic is really nice~I love it~

    18. Tat77 109 months ago | reply

      Really good picture

    19. grahamfkerr 96 months ago | reply

      A GREAT CAMDEN STREET SHOT LOVE IT ,i have started a new A new group to encourage people to add photographs of local inhabitants, Goths, Punks, EMOs, starlets, posing beautiful people, pretty faces and any interesting character shots seen in and around the various Camden markets, pubs and clubs and Chalk Farm Road. Tattoos and piercings, add them in as it highlights the colour and diversity of the place.

      Interesting images of Camden Market and High Street Shots also accepted but should include an element of the type of people who frequent them. we would like you to join us and post to ---camden life---

      No nudity or children please.

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